Nynnes Dagbog

Customize your bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe

The Danish influencer and blogger, Nynne, from Nynnes dagbog recently had her apartment in Copenhagen renovated. In collaboration with Nynne we helped her customized her own personal wardrobe. 

Nynne wanted to have a personal and stylish bedroom with room for a bed as well as a wardrobe. At the same time she wanted to have as much floor space as possible, and in that way preventning her from edging around everytime she had to get clothes from the wardrobe. In other words, a big wardrobe from IKEA was a totally no-go!

It was very important for Nynne to design a wardrobe that was suitable for long dresses as well as jackets, skirts, shoes and accessories. The customized walk-in wardrobe is from our new  the walk-in collection and consist of shelves for shoes that can be adjusted in its hight and rails on the top and in the middle, so you easily can hang longer coats and dresses. Furthermore, Nynne has chosen a wide shelf at the top of the wardrobe in order to get as much space for all her stuff as possible. The RackBuddy the walk-in collection is made of waterpipes and wood. 

With this solution Nynne's bedroom certainly has become very stylish and personal and has been built exactly as Nynne wanted it. 

Take a look for yourself below and see how amazing Nynne's walk-in wardrobe turned out.

Would you like to get a cool and personal walk-in wardrobe as well, please don't hesitate to write us  - info@rackbuddy.com

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Customized walk-in garderobe - Nynnes dagbog

Walk-in garderobe - Nynnes dagbog & Rackbuddy
Walk-in garderobe - Shelves. Nynnes dagbog & Rackbuddy

Walk-in garderobe - shelves and waterpipes. Nynne & Rackbuddy