One apartment, tree solutions

Do you need various storage solutions, or do you simply want the same theme to run through the furniture in your home?


Here you can get some inspiration from another private customer who has chosen three different pieces of furniture for his apartment, achieving a consistent design and solving storage not only in a practical but also stylish way. Both the living room and the bedroom have been given a modern look with shelves, hanging for lamps, bedside tables, as well as a large wardrobe solution with both shelves and hanging.

The minimalist design of the 'John' shelf creates a raw industrial look, openness, and ample storage space for both practical items and decorative objects you want to showcase.

Hylder til væg i sorte jernrør og træ

Close-up af væghængte hylder i mørke vandrør og mørkt træ

In the bedroom, hooks for the bed lamps have been installed, as well as a couple of our smaller shelves as bedside tables. The combination creates a cohesive impression and design, bringing both calmness and freeing up space.

Ophæng i jern til sengelampe og et sengebord i mørke vandrør og træ

Finally, the private customer has chosen a wardrobe solution with three rows, featuring four shelves and four hanging rails or hooks, along with an additional John shelf serving as a top shelf. This provides plenty of space for hanging clothes, baskets, accessories, shoes, etc.

Garderobeløsning med hæng og hylder i mørke vandrør og træ

Garderobe i sorte jernrør og træhylder

Garderobe med ophæng og hylder

Close-up af garderobe i mørke jernrør og træhylder

Close-up af hæng og hylde i mørke vandrør og mørkt træ

Close-up af garderobeløsning i sorte jernrør og træhylder