Wardrobe for the guest room

Stylish and functional wardrobe solution for the guest room with three different storage options in one.

A wardrobe from the Walk-In Collection is as practical and functional as it is aesthetic, offering ample space to hang your clothes while providing discreet storage for items you prefer not to display. The wardrobe solution features both hanging space for hangers or hooks and shelves, as well as a dresser in FSC-certified wood, providing overnight guests with plenty of opportunities to store their clothes and various belongings.

Do you also have a guest room that lacks not only a functional but also a modern and durable wardrobe? Here, you can find inspiration from what another customer has chosen to do.

Garderobeløsning med hæng, hylder og skuffer i jern og træ

Praktisk og stilfuld garderobe i mørke vandrør og træ

Garderobeløsning i mørke jernrør og røget egetræ

Close-up af garderobe i mørke jernrør og røget egetræ

Close-up af garderobeløsning med hæng og hylder