Logan for hanging lamps

Logan is a custom hanging rod designed to be suspended between two walls, offering versatile applications.

With Logan, you get a tailor-made solution that fits precisely to your needs – we cut the rod to fit precisely between the two walls where you want to hang it.

The hanging rod is perfect for the entrance, wardrobe, or, as seen here, in the wine cellar. It can be used in various ways, whether for hanging clothes, as a curtain rod, or for hanging lamps. It is not only practical and sturdy but also provides a raw and industrial appearance, sure to create a focal point, whether in the living room, hallway – or wine cellar. 

Custom jernstang til ophæng af lamper

Custom stang til ophæng mellem to vægge i mørkt vandrør

Jernstang ophængt mellem to vægge til lamper

Close-up af jernstang til ophæng af lamper

Custom vandrør mellem to vægge til ophæng af lamper

The Logan rod can be made to precisely the measurements you need. Order it on our website or contact our customer support if you have any questions.