Walk-in, Wine cellar and pantry

Multiple cohesive elements throughout the home.

Here in the newly renovated residence, a private customer has had several different storage solutions created, creating a consistent design and connection between the rooms.

The home has a walk-in closet with plenty of space for hanging clothes and shoes, storage for the wine cellar, a clothes rack for the entrance, as well as custom shelves in the pantry for all dry goods, kitchen appliances, and cookbooks. There are plenty of opportunities to use our wardrobe solutions in different ways and in every room of the house – only imagination sets the limits.

Be inspired by how the customer has chosen to utilize various hooks, shelves, and racks.

Walk-in closet lavet med mørke vandrør og træhylder

The walk-in closet is assembled so that there is plenty of space for hanging clothes, as well as racks and shelves for shoes.

Walk-in med ophæng til tøj og sko

Walk-in closet med ophæng i mørke vandrør

Our shelves can also be used as nightstands, creating an airy feel and freeing up floor space.

Natbord i mørke jernrør og træ


In the wine cellar, our front-facing pins have been installed to store wine bottles. This creates a modern, raw, and distinctive look that is sure to stand out. In this case, the customer desired a more rustic expression, so a portion of the coating was sanded off to give the hooks a weathered appearance with patina.


Ophæng i sorte jernrør til opbevaring af vin

Vinkælder med ophæng til flasker i mørke jernrør

Close-up af vinhylder i mørke vandrør

The pantry has received customized shelves with extra strong shelf brackets, providing the opportunity to store not only all the dry goods but also kitchen appliances and cookbooks.

Spisekammer til tørvarer med speciallavede hylder i mørke jernrør og træ

Spisekammer med stærke hylder i mørke vandrør og træ

Last but not least, the entrance has received a wall-mounted clothes rack with hangers and a wooden shelf for shoes. The entrance is the first room you step into and provides the first impression of the home, so why not choose a stylish, sturdy, and modern clothes rack for outerwear?

Vægmonteret tøjstativ til entré i mørke jernrør

Vægmonteret tøjstativ i mørke vandrør og med træhylde