Optimize storage for shoes and seasonal clothing.

Save space in the way you store footwear, seasonal clothing, or something completely different.

Here, you can see how a customer has chosen to use a customized wardrobe solution for the family's shoes and winter jackets, providing not only efficient space utilization but also maintaining a stylish appearance. See the pictures of the shoe rack and wardrobe solution below.

Skoopbevaring i mørke vandrør og røget egetræshylderWith this custom shelving system, there is ample space for both children's and adults' shoes, without taking up too much room.

Reol til opbevaring af sko

Close-up af skoreol i mørke vandrør og træhylder
The wardrobe solution with both hanging and shelves has been utilized here for the entire family's seasonal clothing. This way, there is plenty of space for outerwear and several shelves for various storage. The practical blends with the stylish, raw appearance.
Garderobeløsning til opbevaring af sæsontøjGarderobeløsning med både hæng og hylder
Garderobe med hæng og hylder i mørke vandrør og træ
Close-up af garderobeløsning i mørke vandrør og træhylder
RackBuddy shelving systems, racks, and shelves can be customized for your space. If you need a practical, sturdy, and stylish storage solution, contact our support team, who are ready to help you find the perfect fit for you.