Design your own coffee corner

Do you need inspiration on how to store your coffee products in a smart and stylish way?

Here you can see how a private customer chose to use the John shelf to create a cozy little coffee corner in the kitchen. The dimensions of the shelves are perfect for cups, milk jugs, and coffee jars. The overhang under the shelf can also be utilized in various ways, for example, with our hooks, where you can hang dishcloths, towels, or more cups and jugs.

Hylder til ophæng i mørke rør og træ

The dark water pipes and classic oak provide a sharp contrast; the industrial meets the natural – a combination that will complement any modernly furnished home.

Kaffehjørne med hylder i mørke vandrør og træ

The shelf is available in several different lengths, from 40 cm up to 200 cm, and can therefore be used on many different walls – whether you need something small or large, the John shelf is a reliable choice.

Hylder til ophæng i sorte jernrør og træ


The combination of iron and wood is not only stylish but also really durable with a long lifespan

Close-up af hylder i mørke vandrør og klassisk egetræ

Smalle hylder i mørke vandrør og egetræ

Hylder til kopper og kander i mørke jernrør og træ