Roommates wardrobe solution

If you live together as a couple or in a larger group, a wardrobe system can solve your storage needs with practical and stylish designs for each room.


Here, a couple of roommates have chosen to have two different custom wardrobe solutions made for their bedrooms, considering what each of them needs to store. The wardrobes have ample space for hanging clothes, both for hangers or hooks, and with many shelves for shoes or other items.

See how the two roomies have chosen to furnish their customized wardrobe solutions. One has chosen to prioritize more shelves for shoes, the other an extra hanging space for clothes.

Garderobeløsning i mørke vandrør og træhylder

Garderobe med hylder og hæng

Close-up af garderobesystem i mørke vandrør og med træhylder

Garderobesystem med hylder til sko

Garderobesystem med hæng og hylder i sorte vandrør og træ


Both wardrobe solutions have top shelves, regular shelves, and hanging rails. They are also both made in our popular black iron pipes and with dark pine for the shelves. The materials are chosen not only with the design in mind but also with durability and strength for a long lifespan.

Below, you can see the second wardrobe system, which is a bit narrower and where hanging space is prioritized, along with slightly fewer shelves.

Garderobeløsning i sorte vandrør og træhylder

Garderobe med hæng og træhylder

Close-up af træhylde i garderobeløsningGarderobeløsning med hæng og hylder i sorte jernerør og træ

Garderobeløsning med tophylde og hæng

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