Stylish hallway with Marlow and Jolene

A combination of two clothing racks in the entryway, benefiting both adults and children.

The combination of Marlow and Jolene, seen here in the entryway, is both stylish, modern, and functional. The shelf has hooks and a top shelf, providing space for jackets and coats, as well as various storage on the top shelf, here together with our wire baskets. The wall-mounted Jolene rod also has several usage possibilities, for example, for storing shoes or for hooks; in this case, the customer has chosen to use it for the children's outerwear at their eye level.

Entré med væghængt tøjstativ i silver vandrør og træ

Tøjstativ og stang i entré til ophæng af overtøj

Tøjstativer i entré i silver vandrør og træhyldeEntré med tøjstativ i silver vandrør og træhyldeTøjstativ med hæng og tophylde i silver vandrør og træ


As seen here in the customer's entryway, both Marlow and Jolene can be used for many different storage solutions – outerwear, bags, scarves, baskets for gloves, and more. The possibilities are many, and only imagination sets limits. If you have an entryway that needs a makeover, contact our team – we are ready to help find the perfect solution for you.