Rackbuddy Showroom


Previously there was a basket shop in the cellar of Frederiksberg Allé 8, but over the course of a few weeks we took the old rooms and transformed them into a raw, modern and industrial home décor universe.

 Rackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroom

Rackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroom

It has been thought out down to tiniest detail in the old cellar where we worked with the original building design features found in the rooms. We have, for example, kept the heating pipes in the ceiling, tore up tiles to recreate the original concrete floor with a new look and finish that is not found elsewhere.

The walls were polished down, revealing the old brick walls. The brick walls have an incredibly good effect on the space’s overall look and looks very nice when it comes to styling and taking pictures. In several places, we have let concrete walls remain untouched; the same with an old brown backdoor and there is still a well in the kitchen.

All these small details connect the rooms with each other, so the cellar appears complete and unique. You can move freely between the rooms and walk around the kitchen. The intention is that it should create a special atmosphere and the customer should feel like they are entering a “home” or can at least imagine how the products could be used in a home. We want to give the customers a unique experience when they step inside the showroom. An experience that they can take home with them and continue dreaming about. 

Rackbuddy showroom Rackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroom kitchen

Our skilled team of craftsmen helped to make sure that everything was ready for the opening. There were many different shuttering boards, shelves and tables that had to be set up before the decorating with racks, furnishings and posters could begin.

 Rackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroom

Rackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroomRackbuddy showroom

With the Showroom, RackBuddy presents a raw and industrial universe in a rustic and different way where the customer has the opportunity to see our products and get a sense of what we stand for. We have added a few chairs, pieces of furniture and various home décor items from Bloomingville and House Doctor to add a finishing touch. We will be continually updating the décor with new products that follow current trends.

We are very pleased with the results and we look forward to welcoming you!