M.O.D Copenhagen

Located in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen is M.O.D – a relatively new Danish brand that can do something with men’s clothing others cannot: They sell quality suits for a sharp look at a price that is affordable. At M.O.D you can a beautifully tailored suit that is delivered just a few days after ordering. What a great concept!

Rackbuddy hos M.O.DM.O.D. Copenhagen

Rackbuddy hos M.O.DRackbuddy hos M.O.D

We recently dropped by to see their store design, where they used the RackBuddy Joey racks. It is clear that Robert and Lasse who started up the business 4 years ago in a cellar in Hellerup have great style and a taste for décor. The two gentlemen have managed to create an extremely welcoming store with a mix of raw, old and new design. The composition and simplicity looks great. Good job M.O.D!

Rackbuddy hos M.O.DRackbuddy hos M.O.DRackbuddy hos M.O.D