PART 1 - From a 140m2 New York style apartment to a 55m2 attic apartment

#part1 - fuctional & practical  

How do you best furnish your new apartment, if you move from a 140 m2 New York style loft to a 55 m2 attic apartment with inclined walls? 

Our interior designer knows best - read her blog post and get inspired!

Throughout the 9 years I have worked in the interior design and lifestyle industry, I have gotten the opportunity to make some good buys. This has made it even harder to say goodbye to some of them when I moved to a smaller apartment - I have been very glad about some of the pieces I had to leave behind. On the other hand, it was more than necessary to downgrade a bit in order for my stuff to fit in my small new apartment in the heart of Copenhagen's hip Nørrebro neighborhood. Today I am happy that I could sell all these things. Now I only have things in my apartment that really mean something to me. 

My apartment is right under the roof of the building, in the 5th floor. Through a renovation that has been made a couple of years ago, this attic space has become a cozy Copenhagen apartment with a beautiful view over the city. The apartment has inclined walls and my bed is placed on a suspended ceiling. The apartment is divided in a big room, a small hallway and a "big" bathroom - compared to the size of the apartment. The key words of my interior were: functional and practical with a focus on my beloved furniture pieces, my vintage collection and last but not least, classics from all around the world. 

My cozy corner

I decided not to have a sofa for two reasons. First, there simply is no space for it, and second, I having guests over for dinner on a regular basis, so my dinner table with my indispensable Eames chairs has the highest priority. Its more practical to have a nice dinner tabe rather than eating on the sofa! Though I have to admit that I sometimes miss my sofa - mostly on Sundays. 

However, I am still considering to get RackBuddy to build me a bench for the table as an alternative to the chairs. Then I would put some big cover or pillows on top to make it more confortable - almost like a divan. That would be some sort of a compromise between chairs and a sofa.

 When my table is used as a dining table...

As already mentioned, I have placed the highest priority on my table. This is something I am really glad about today, as I have just decided to study design at the school of architecture. Its a study program that is mainly taught through E-learning, meaning that a nice desk at home is absolutely necessary. Here, my black LOOP table by HAY was a really good choice! I use it both as a desk and a dinner table. It is 160cm long which makes it big enough to have friends over for a dinner, but also leaves enough space for the creative work I have to do for my work and study projects. 

The table is neither too big nor too small. Normally, I suggest RackBuddy customers a dinner table with a length of 160 or 180cm. These sizes are fitting perfectly into every standard apartment. Even though I like my Hay table a lot, I am seriously considering to get a table made of raw wood planks. The wood is supposed to be as raw and natural as possible. My biggest dream is to one day have the space for a table of 3m length or more. I've always loved long dinner tables. 

 When I use my table as a desk...

RackBuddy also offers you the opportunity to create the dinner table of your dreams. We will find exactly the right kind of wood for you and work together with you on the design of your new dining table. Together, we create a custom-made solution that will be unique in its look. In case you have some planks at home you would like to use, we can help you to build a table with them. Or maybe you have a completely different idea for a new piece of furniture? Don't hesitate to ask us for help. We transform your idea into reality.  

// Nynne, design consultant & stylist - Rackbuddy