PART 2 - From a 140m2 New York style apartment to a 55m2 attic apartment

#part2 – your wardrobe as part of the interior
My attic apartment is basically a big room with exposed beams. It is a very open space that is optimal for me - no matter the inclined walls. The window is in the roof of the building, which is giving my space a lot of natural light. 
However, the inclined walls can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, my old apartment had them as well, so I am already used to them. 
In my new apartment, I decided to have a walk-in closet to fit all my clothes - and I have a lot. The apartment has a simple, untreated look and RackBuddy's were matching perfectly. I have used a RackBuddy Bob Steele.
I am very glad about the decision to have an open closet. It fits perfectly into the rest of my interior and I can style my clothes in cool ways.
For an open wardrobe like mine, I think its great to have only one kind of clothes hangers. I can recommend the hangers by Nomess Copenhagen, that you can also buy in RackBuddy's online shop. My clothes are also organized after colors. Yes, I have a little OCD when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. An orderly colour gradient makes me feel more relaxed than if the clothes just hang in a random way. Additionally, I am getting a better overview over my clothes. I can use my wardrobe in a better way because I can always see, what there is - unlike if its hidden away in boxes and I forget that I even possess a certain top. I also think, that I am buying less clothes now because I can constantly see how many nice things I already own. 
The clothes hangers by Nomess Copenhagen really help me to keep an order on the rack. Their form is beautiful and elegant. It will surely look good as well to combine different colors of these clothes hangers. I have chosen them in copper and added some hooks in black that are matching my bags. 
Kleiderhaken von Nomess
RackBuddy offers racks in standard sizes. But we also love to offer our customers the certain something. That is why you should not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and wishes. We love to help you find the perfect solution. 
 // Nynne, Interior Designer & Stylist – Rackbuddy