New in: The perfect clothes racks for shopping lovers

We have two new clothes rack designs in our online shop! 

Our assortment of clothes racks has been extended with two new models. Both are especially practical for those among you owning a lot of clothes and wanting to keep an overview over your things. 

The new designs are an advancement of our popular RackBuddy Capone and are called Bob Steele and Wild Bill Elliot

RackBuddy Bob Steele clothes rack

Just as our RackBuddy Capone, Bob Steele is 210cm high. The difference lies in the two connection pipes attaching the rack to the wall. They add 30cm of space on each side, where you can hang extra clothes bags and more with e.g. the Nomess Copenhagen hooks. The feet of Bob Steele are attached to the floor which adds extra stability. 

RackBuddy - nyt stativ
RackBuddy Bob Steele - from 167€.  


RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Kleiderständer

Just like Capone and Bob Steele, Wild Bill Elliot is a very high clothes rack. With its height of 210cm, it offers a lot of space to hang your clothes - more than the standard racks! Wild Bill Elliot consists of a double rack like Capone, but also has a rail specially for your long dresses and jackets. Further, you can hang your bags or scarves on the extra hook. Simple and practical.  

Tøjstativ med plads til lange kjoler
RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - from 200€.

Both new racks are very functional and robust and can help you to make space for your new wardrobe. At the same time, they use little floor space which means that you can store bags, shoes or boxes under the clothes racks. 

Bob Steele and Wild Bill Elliot are the ideal clothes racks for all of you who want to tidy up their wardrobe full of clothes in a stylish way!

In case you need a smaller rack, just check out the other designs in our online shop. We're sure that there is something for everybody.