KABE Stone - a DIY project not only for professionals!

KABE Stone is a DIY project for everyone!

You don't need to be a floormaker or the do-it-yourself expert for working with the new KABE product. KABE Stone is a coloured filler for your floors or surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom, that is easy to use even if you have never done any DIY home improvement projects before. 

We often hear from our female customers that they are worried to take on these kind of projects without help. But they can! To prove that this type of interior project can also be handled by women without any sort of crafts experience and education, we put our two female employees, Annika and Signe, to the task. They have never done a floor before, but had to handle the whole process themselves.  

We decided to choose the floor at the RackBuddy office in Copenhagen to try out the new KABEcopenhagen product. The room really needed some lighter shades, so we chose to use the colour Rose Cloud in matte for the project. 

The good thing about working with the KABE filler is, that you almost can't do anything wrong. Just follow the detailed user guide to learn what to do, but the idea is that you can choose the structure of your floor yourself. 

KABE Stone rose cloud - at RackBuddy's office