Interior ideas for your kitchen

This is how you give your kitchen a cool new look -  interior ideas

You don't have to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a new look. There are different ways to freshen up your kitchen interior without having special technical and artisanal skills or a big savings account. Here we have collected 10 ideas on how to get some fresh interior details in your kitchen. 

1. Switch your tapware and handholds to brass 

Kitchen with brass details  - ideas for kitchen interior - Rackbuddy
Photo: allumdecor

2. Use colourful tiles in a geometrical form

beautiful kitchen tiles - ideas and inspiration - RackBuddy
Photo: studio125


3. Add some flashy colours to your wall units

blue kitchen units - kitchen inspiration - Rackbuddy
Photo: micasadecoracion

4. Create a raw brick wall in a New York style 

raw brick stone wall in the kitchen - inspiration from Rackbuddy
Photo: poppyindigopins

5. Remove your wall units and get a wall of shelves 

black shelf wall - kitchen inspiration - Rackbuddy
Photo: andreasmikkelhansen

6. Hang light sources and kitchenware from a bar attached to your ceiling 

You could for example do this with one of our Joey for lamps.
kitchen inspiration - lamps and pots on a Joey rail - Rackbuddy
Foto: rackbuddy

7. Decorate your kitchen with plants 

plants in the kitchen - decoration with plants - RackBuddy
Photo: hearthomemag

8. Switch your lamps to industrial wall lamps

kitchen ideas - lamps and light - Rackbuddy
Photo: remodelista