5 ways to style your Wild Bill Elliot

Wardrobe inspiration with Wild Bill Elliot

Wild Bill Elliot is one of our highest and most popular clothes racks. This clothes rack can take on many different functions - whether it is in your bedroom or elsewhere. We have therefore already seen a lot of different creative interior solutions with Wild Bill Elliot.  

Here, we have collected some inspiring and unique wardrobe solutions, in order for you to get an idea of what can be done with a Wild Bill Elliot. And you don't really need that much to make it look great. Just get some clothes hooks and hang up a hat, cap or some plants or place shoes underneath the clothes rack. You could also add a nice stool and some smaller decoration. 


Simple and stylish

RackBuddy clothes rack - high rack for clothing made out of water pipes

Rackbuddy clothes rack made out of water pipes - high clothes rack for a lot of clothes

Space for shoes and pants

Clothes rack made out of water pipes - wardrobe solution - rackbuddy

clothes rack with space for shoes - high wardrobe solution for your bedroom - Rackbuddy

Clean and minimalist

stable clothes racks made out of water pipes - Rackbuddy

bedroom interior - simple & practical - industrial clothes rack

Creative and with many personal details

decorative interior solutions - clothes rack from RackBuddy - industrial design

creative interior - DIY - clothes rack by RackBuddy

Long dresses and bags as decoration 
RackBuddy clothes rack at fredesblog - practical and cool interior

clothes rack made out of water pipes - RackBuddy - bedroom interior at fredesblog