Meet the RackBuddy Frame Collection!

FRAME COLLECTION - one collection, six different styles

Since it all began in 2013, all of our clothes rack designs have always had some elements of water pipes or their connection pieces. We are proud to present our first collection that is a little different! 

For the Frame Collection, we have taken all unnecessary items away to create a clothes rack that is following the design principle of minimalism. The clothes racks are made to create the perfect frame for your clothes, allowing you to express your own personal style. 

The collection offers six different models. Everybody should be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Get an overview of the models here and see, in what way you could combine them with your interior. 


RackBuddy Mary

RackBuddy Mary - clothes rack in a white marble look

This clothes rack is perfectly fitting in a bright interior and is a great combination with trendy pastel tones. The clothes rack's frame is made from iron which has been coated in a white color. Its bottom shelf is made from MDF with a high quality white marble look laminate. Use the shelf for decoration, shoes, boxes are more. 

Pictures below: PinterestPastel tones in bedroom


RackBuddy Vincent

RackBuddy Vincent - industrial clothes rack in a minimalist design

RackBuddy Vincent is one of the models from the Frame Collection that stays the most true to our industrial influences. Its iron frame as is left untreated, whereas the shelf consists of an iron net. If you love the raw, industrial style but are looking for something a bit more simple and straight as the water pipes from our Original Collection, this is definitely the clothes rack for you! 

Pictures below: PinterestIndustrial interior - grey - raw iron


RackBuddy Leonardo

RackBuddy Leonardo - black minimalist clothes rack with shelf in marble-look

 RackBuddy Leonardo is the definition of elegant simplicity. The deep black color of its frame in combination with the black marble-look shelf give this clothes rack a very modern look. It is the perfect rack for you, who loves minimalist interior, but it also works perfectly with a retro look in combination with wood, some flash of colors and some green plants. 

Pictures below: Pinterest
bedrooms in a modern scandinavian design

RackBuddy Frida

RackBuddy Frida - black & white clothes rack in a minimalist design

RackBuddy Frida is a modern clothes rack in a geometric design. The white iron frame as well as the shelf in a black marble-look fit perfectly with a light, nordic style. If you like clean lines and tidy corners, maybe you should consider investing in RackBuddy Frida. 

Pictures below: Pinterestblack & white scandinavian style bedroom inspiration

RackBuddy Pablo

RackBuddy Pablo - clothes rack in an industrial design with a shelf in concrete-look

RackBuddy Pablo is going back to our industrial roots. The frame made from iron is untreated and left in its natural color. The bottom shelf is made from a special mixture between wood and concrete, to create a raw, industrial surface. Combine this clothes rack with an interior dominated by a natural color scheme such as beige & grey. Material such as wood and bast give a nice, warm contrast against the industrial grey of the clothes rack. 

Pictures below: Pinterest
Scandinavian Interior inspiration - natural tones

RackBuddy Claude

RackBuddy Claude - clothes rack in a minimalist black and white design

 RackBuddy Claude's geometrical frame in black, as well as its marble-look shelf, give the clothes rack an elegant minimalist style. Combine the rack however you like. We love the mix between black & white with natural materials like wood. 

Pictures below: Pinterest inspiration for RackBuddy Claude clothes rack

Last but not least...

... this clothes rack collection is meant to support your own style. It is up to you, to give the clothes racks their personality. We would be happy to see how you style yours! Remember to tag us on Instagram and use the Hashtag #myrackbuddy to win your money back! 

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