#MyRackBuddy - Masha from masha-sedgwick.com

RackBuddy x Masha Sedgwick

Berlin blogger Masha Sedgwick chose a RackBuddy Dalton in dark wood for her apartment. On her blog, you can find some more pictures of it as well as valuable tips on how to keep your closet tidy! Read more here.

Additionally, Masha hung up plants on two RackBuddy Jolene rails in her kitchen. In case you are looking for a mini version of a vertical garden, get inspired!


RackBuddy Dalton 

RackBuddy Jolene


It would make us very happy, if you showed us how you decorated you RackBuddy! That is why we started a little challenge - if you are lucky, you can win your money back! Read more about the #MyRackBuddy campaign here