Practical and solid solutions for the entryway

Industrial and practical

The optimisation of space is a key word in many homes. Next to the bedroom, the entryway is a space where practical and robust solutions are an absolute must. Jackets, scarves and bags are piling up easily in some unwanted corner if there is no space to organise them or if the wardrobe is simply not robust enough to hold them. 

The entryway is the first room you enter at every home. A lot of times, it is only used as a walk-through room. But if you spend a little time on furnishing it, you can save a lot of space elsewhere in your home - and all of that doesn't need to cost a fortune. 

Our products made out of water pipes and wood offer you solid solutions, that help you to bring space and order in your entryway. At the same time, they give an interesting, industrial twist to your interior. 


Entreløsning hos Anne Sophie Gosvig-Jensen


- from 100€ 

Additionally to a clothes rail, this design is also offering a practical wooden shelf with plenty of space for bags, hats and gloves. Another creative option to decorate your wardrobe is to just use the shelf for plants (as seen at @annesophiegosvig). It is further very useful to attach hooks for bags and scarves to the rail. 


tøjstativ til loft - hylde og knagerække

- from 63€ 

RackBuddy Joey is available for the installation to the ceiling as well as to the wall. A clothes rail, that does not need to be attached to the floor is maximising your space and creating a feeling of air. You could, for example, place shelves under the clothes rail on which you organise your shoes. 

See aswell: Joey for the installation on the wall 

Holly - entreløsning med plads til bøjler

Holly - from 54€

Simple but elegant clothes rail, that doesn't use a lot of space. Holly can be placed horizontally at the wall (in a corner) or be turned 180 degrees and attached to the ceiling. The clothes rack is mounted with two fittings. Combine it with one of our 3- or 4-liner rails and create some additional space for your bags. 

knagerække fra rackbuddy - 4-liner

4-liner rail - from 40€

hylder til sko - opbevaring med træhylder@fotostream

 John shelf - ab 60€

In case none of the standard measurements are matching your entryway or you are having a completely different idea, how you would like to furnish it, feel free to send us a mail to 


inspiration fra pinterest 

inspirationsbillede fra pinterest

Inspiration pictures from Pinterest