Shelves - create hygge and organise your space

Using shelves to organise your home is not only practical, it also spreads hygge  and gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style with your interior.  

Use shelves to store or display your favourite items. Shelves can be used in every room of your home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway or as an expanded wardrobe function. The only limit is your imagination.


Use shelves to organise and create more storage space in your hallway  

Perfect storage space for your hallway with Rackbuddy shelves


By using shelves for storage in your hallway you can maximise your floor space and make the room appear bigger. Shelves are the perfect solution to maximise your small city apartment with few square meters.   

They are also a great option if you have a lot of shoes and a small amount of space. Show off your beautiful shoes and make them a part of your interior.  


Use shelves to create `hygge´ and display your favourite items  


Show of your favorite items with RackBuddy shelves

Shelves don't only have to be practical - they can be used as a part of your interior to display your favourite items. Whether that is your favourite plant, shoes, bag or kitchen ceramics.  

Create hygge by playing with colours to create a contrast between the shelves and the displayed items. The contrasts between the colours help set the mood and make the shelf more interesting to look at. Whatever you choose to display will look beautiful on an industrial inspired shelf 

Shelves used to only be a practical element in homes with the intent of using all the space you had available. You would put books or other practical items on the shelves but its not that way anymore. With modern interior, you can let your shelves become one with your interior and personalise your space.  


The only limit is your imagination 

Personalise your living space with RackBuddy John shelves for a beautiful industrial look


The only limit is your imagination when it comes to interior design. Use the shelves above your desk to store books or use them as a display. If the bedroom or nursery is lacking a personal touch you can use the industrial shelves to display your memories in form of pictures or souvenirs.  

In the nursery, shoes, toys or children's books can easily be displayedIt is not only a beautiful way to design your space, but also a practical way to store the items.  

The shelf supports are made from water pipes which creates an industrial look and goes with every type of home. The industrial design looks beautifully contrasted to other materials in your home and creates a stylish exterior.  

The shelves shown in the pictures are Rack Buddy John shelf in different colours. Prices start at 60€.