RackBuddy Elements Collection - our most flexible wardrobe solution yet!

Meet the RackBuddy Elements Collection!

Are you looking for a practical wardrobe solution? Would you like to change the setup of your closet every once in a while? Look no more, we've got you! 

We love functionality and are always trying to create wardrobe solutions that can be adapted exactly to the needs of their owners. The RackBuddy Elements Collection is our most flexible wardrobe solution yet. 

The Rackbuddy Elements Collection´s bar is made of industrial iron allows you to design your own open wardrobe system of your dreams. The system is easy: you mount the iron bars to the wall and add rails, shelves or hooks exactly where you need them to be. The more bars you use, the more options for different constellations you have. Each element can be removed and placed at another spot within minutes.

Watch the video below to get an idea how it works. 


Switch up the look of your wardrobe with a few simple steps

It happens that we wake up some day and feel like changing our interior. With RackBuddy Elements, the change can happen in a few minutes. 

Take for example a simple setup with 3 RackBuddy Bars as pictured below. You will only need approximately 120cm of wall space to set up this base for your wardrobe, however, it gives you plenty of opportunity and storage space for your clothes and decoration. 

If for example, you need a lot of shelf space but would also like to have rail space for your clothes, the first setup we shot below could be a great idea for your needs. Here you get about 300cm of shelf space, as well as 120cm to hang your clothes. And the best thing about it is - it looks great as well! 

If after some months, you would like to try a new look that is no problem - just move the shelves in the bottom and add a rail and a hook. You could even add some s-hooks on the rail in the bottom to hang up some bags or other items. 

Need more inspiration? Try out something completely new again! You can use the RackBuddy Elements Hooks as clothes rails as well and display your clothes from the front. 

RackBuddy Elements collection - flexible wardrobe solution for your home or store

Complete setup above - price 700€

RackBuddy Elements - smart storage systems with rails and wooden shelves

Complete setup above - price 675€

RackBuddy Elements wardrobe solution - hang your clothes on hooks

Complete setup above - price 525€


A smart fixture for store owners 

Are you looking for a very flexible fixture for your store or showroom? Do you have an empty wall that needs to be used in the best way possible for the display of your products? A wardrobe system made up from multiple RackBuddy Bars would be a great solution for you! 

Every time you need to change up the look of your boutique or clothing store, all you need are a few minutes to move around the shelves and rails to another spot.  

RackBuddy Elements - clothing rack solution for stores and businesses

Complete setup above - price 1000€ 

RackBuddy Elements - flexible fixtures and interior for stores

Complete setup above - price 1040€

RackBuddy Elements - smart wardrobe concept for private and business

Complete setup above - price 1170€

The possibilities with the elements collection are literally endless. All elements can be purchased separately meaning that you start out with one setup and if you feel like an extra rail or a shelf is missing, you just add it later on. Of course, the more space you have and the more bars you use, the more options for changing up things you have. 

If you have any question on how to set this system up or how many bars fit for your wall, we are happy to help!