5 years of RackBuddy - a small trip down memory lane

We are celebrating 5 years of RackBuddy!

Exactly 5 years ago, RackBuddy was founded. In these past 5 years, a lot of things have happened. We decided to take a little trip down memory lane and share some of our best moments with you.

About the founders:
Martin and Lasse are both in their 30ies and both have two kids. The two friends have known each other since they were small, as their parents have been friends and they grew up in the Danish city of Esbjerg together.
Both founders have a very strong connection to football. Martin started to play professional football when he was 15 and was regularly selected for the Danish Youth National team. He was playing in the highest Danish league, Superliga, until he decided to quit football at 27. Lasse has played football in the 1st Danish division.

Both are still very connected to their old teammates and friends, which is why there are also a lot of RackBuddies to be found in some former and active professional football players homes.



The first RackBuddy clothes rack

It all started in the end of 2013, when Martin and Lasse built their first clothes rack in a small garage in Næstved. Martin had been searching for a stable, customizable open wardrobe solution for his new apartment, but did not find anything that was matching his vision. All existing offers were either unstable or had a tasteless design. Therefore, the two owners decided to build a clothes rack themselves. More than satisfied by the outcome, they were determined to design more racks out of water pipes to friends and acquaintances.

The first racks were sold on DBA (Den Blå Avis), which is a platform, where private people and small companies can sell products. Within 14 days, they sold more than 10 clothes racks and decided to make a business out of it. They invested just enough money to buy the supplies and financed all of the forthcoming projects over their sales profit.

RackBuddy founder Lasse with one of the first closet solutions

The hardest part of founding the company was finding the right name. After long discussions, both of them came up with RackBuddy as the name had a relation to what they were planning to sell (racks) and was also linked to them, as they were two buddies starting a company together. Just to be sure, they talked to a branding expert who told them that it was the worst name they could have come up with - but they decided to go with it anyways.

When they decided to found the company, Martin was working as a police officer and Lasse was in charge of an online shop selling plumbing supplies. Lasse therefore had some experience with running an e-business, and his knowledge definitely helped with creating RackBuddy.

RackBuddy started as a side project both of them would work on in their spare time on evenings and weekends.

Pipes in Martin's garage in Næstved



Starting up a company was a lot of work - Martin & Lasse were basically having two full-time jobs at the same time: their “normal” job and RackBuddy. They heavily relied on their big network of friends and acquaintances for advice.

In the beginning, the focus was on bigger projects such as for example the first showroom who exclusively used RackBuddy clothes racks - The Little Showroom in Copenhagen. Martin remembers with a smile that in order to deliver all necessary parts, they rented a trailer and delivered everything themselves.

The Little Showroom - the first RackBuddy project

The Little Showroom - first RackBuddy project

Another milestone was the first international project, just over the bridge in Malmö, Sweden. RackBuddy planned, produced and installed the whole clothing racks and shelves for Superjeans of Sweden. This was also the first project where wooden shelves have been incorporated in the design.

Superjeans of Sweden Malmö - RackBuddy shelves

Superjeans of Sweden - rack buddy clothes rack

In the summer of 2014, the production was moved to a new industrial space in Esbjerg. As the orders grew, the garage in Næstved simply wasn’t big enough anymore.



Martin and Lasse were working out of Lasse’s old apartment in Frederiksberg. They developed more clothes rack models made from black water pipes and the Original Collection was complete. The first professional RackBuddy photoshoot was held there as well, as Lasse’s living room had a brick stone wall which fit perfectly with the industrial and raw look of the clothes racks.

Martin & Lasse at RackBuddys first professional photoshoot in 2015

RackBuddy Original Collection

The warehouse in Esbjerg expanded to a bigger location.

RackBuddy old warehouse in Esbjerg

RackBuddy old warehouse in Esbjerg

The company was growing quickly and by the end of 2015, both founders decided that it was time to focus 100% on RackBuddy. Martin quit his job as a policeman and moved back to Esbjerg to oversee the growing warehouse and production of RackBuddy in Esbjerg.



In April of 2016, RackBuddy opened its first showroom/ store on Frederiksberg Allé in Copenhagen. Before we moved in here, it was used by a basket shop and we spend a lot of time, effort and money to renovate it. Read more about the process here

RackBuddy showroom in Frederiksberg before the renovation

Next to the store were two rooms we decided to make into office space. One room was used by us, the other one was supposed to be rented out. We quickly found two other Danish startups who wanted to move in.

One of them was the Danish watch company About Vintage, who now has their own showroom on Gothersgade. The other one was One Funky Furniture.

The showroom quickly developed into a hotspot in Frederiksberg for urban interior & design. We are not only selling our clothes racks, but everything else related to interior that fits in our design universe - tables, chairs, lamps, wall paint, decoration and more.

RackBuddy Showroom before the opening in April 2016

RackBuddy Showroom in 2016

By the end of 2016, we decided that it was time to look for potential markets for our products outside of Denmark. And of course, our big neighbour Germany was the obvious choice. RackBuddy.de and RackBuddy.com went live.



In 2017, a lot things happened very quickly. We started to focus more on our visuals and tried to make our brand more known on Social Media, namely on Instagram - with success: since the start of 2017, about 27000 more of you decided to follow us. Thank you for that! 

We love to get inspired by how our customers use their RackBuddies. That is why we decided to create the #myRackBuddy challenge. Everybody posting a picture of their RackBuddy on Instagram using this Hahstag gets the chance to win the money for their clothes rack back. You can read more about the terms of participation here.

In order to get known better in Germany, we worked together with some amazing influencers who created very nice content for us. Here is a small collection of some of our favorites. 

Masha von mashasedgwick.com

Masha chose our RackBuddy Jolene model for our kitchen. Read more about it here or on her blog.  

RackBuddy Jolene at Masha Sedgwick

Juli from julichevalier.com 

Julie chose a RackBuddy Billy. You can find more pictures here or read her own blogpost

RackBuddy Billy styled by julichevalier

Clara from fashionvernissage.com

Clara chose a RackBuddy Billy and a RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot. See more pictures here or read her blogpost. 

fashionvernissage x RackBuddy

Polga from somelostgirl.com 

Nanda from srevolrof.blogspot.de 

The German influencer Nanda Schwarz chose multiple pieces of our collection for her - how she is calling it - "sleep-in closet". Next to the four RackBuddy John shelves, a RackBuddy Billy and a RackBuddy Capone were also allowed to move in.  Read more here

Nanda Schwarz x RackBuddy

Elisa from schwarzersamt.com

Elisa from schwarzersamt.com switched from her old, unsteady Ikea clothes rack to two of our robust designs made out of water pipes. Elisa chose our models RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot and Capone. The 210cm high models fit perfectly into her Berlin apartment with high ceilings. Read more about Elisa's new wardrobe here

RackBuddy Capone & Wild Bill Elliot - walk-in closet



In 2017, we also sent racks to the US for the first time. Alana Hadid has found us on Instagram and we furnished her complete walk-in closet with RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliots and Bonnies

Alana Hadid in front of her RackBuddys

Alana Hadid in front of her RackBudduys


2018 was a year where a lot of things happened very quickly. We started off with another new launch, the Silver Collection. Later in the year, three more new collections were following: our Nordic Collection, the minimalist Frame Collection and the flexible Elements Collection.

Silver Collection 

The Silver Collection contains basically all models we have created for the Original Collection, just that the pipes are in galvanized iron. 

RackBuddy Billy Silver

picture by @don_linh

RackBuddy Capone Silver

picture by @vonkopfbisfuss_

Nordic Collection

Our Nordic Collection of clothes racks features six designs made from oak wood and iron water pipes. The industrial look of the black or silver water pipes is given a classic Scandinavian twist with high-quality oak wood, available in three different shades.

RackBuddy Nordic Collection

picture by @krawzova

RackBuddy Nordic Collection x nelplant

picture by @nelplant

Frame Collection

The Frame Collection is a series of clothes racks following the design principle of simplicity. The clothes racks are made to create the perfect frame for your clothes, allowing you to express your own personal style.

The main elements of the frame collection are made from quadrangular shapes: the base which gives a stable foundation with a shelf in the bottom, as well as the frame of the clothes rack, which ends with the rail in the top. The screws are visible and add an elegant detail to the minimal design. Despite their sleek look, all clothes racks from the Frame Collection are very stable, no matter how much clothing is hanging on them.

RackBuddy Frame Collection - minimalist clothes racks  

Elements Collection 

We love functionality and are trying to create solutions, that can be adapted exactly to the needs of their owners. The RackBuddy Elements Collection is our most flexible wardrobe solution yet.

Watch the video below to see how it works: 

Next to launching 4 new collections, we also created the series of short clips under the title RackBuddy Hangin' With
So far, we have worked together with Anthon Louis and Martin Brachér. You see the videos here: 
RackBuddy Hangin' With Anthon Louis 
RackBuddy Hangin' With Martin Brachér 
Other Hangin' With videos are in the making, so get excited for more! 
In February 2019, we will be moving our warehouse to a 1200sqm location in Esbjerg. We'll move into bigger offices and open a store next to the warehouse as well. We hope that you are following us on our journey.
Cheers to another 5 successful years!