Small entryway ideas

Looking for inspiration on how to organise your entryway? Perhaps you have a particularly narrow entryway or an entryway with sloping walls or crooked corners that for one reason or another is difficult to decorate? Here are some tips, inspiration and ideas for your small entryway decor.

Narrow open wardrobe with dark pipes and smoked oak dresser

Small entryway decor

Firstly, let’s not forget that the entryway is often one of the first rooms––if not the very first room––that you and your guests enter when crossing the threshold of your front door. That’s why it’s also important that the entryway is cosy, that there is room to put away coats and shoes, and that the space feels welcoming. But how exactly should you organise your entryway? Here’s some narrow entryway ideas:

  1. If your entryway is particularly narrow, ditch the big units 

If your entryway is particularly narrow, aim to free up as much space as possible. So don’t clutter your narrow hallway with large wardrobes, and opt instead for beautiful wall- or ceiling-mounted clothes rails for storing your clothes, bags and accessories.

      2. Decorate the entryway with lights and plants

If you live in a flat, your entryway might be quite dark, so this is a good place to decorate with candles, perhaps on a shelf, or with lamps hanging down from a ceiling-mounted rail. If you have already chosen wall-mounted racks to hang your clothes on, opt for a shelf that also provides hanging space, and which then fits naturally into the rest of your entryway decor. Then decorate the shelf with a pretty plant or a vase of fresh flowers.

For small entryway ideas, take a look at Frame Marlow or RackBuddy Cullen.

      3. Make room for shoes 

When you’re organising a narrow entryway––or even a wider one for that matter––it’s a good idea to remove shoes and boots from the floor. These often take up a lot of floor space. Instead, find a smart shoe rack or a smaller shelving system that you can store the whole family’s shoes on, and free up space both for shoes and for you to move about in.

     4. Make the most of every single inch in your entryway decor

Does your entryway have sloping walls? Or does it have a corner that you could really do with using for storage? Anything is possible at RackBuddy, and we help make solutions that utilise every inch to give you the extra space you need. So here you could organise your entryway with a corner clothes rack in one corner, or create a whole wall with a walk-in system that can hold clothes, shoes, bags, hats and accessories. 

Sometimes your entryway decor calls for a bespoke solution

Are you in charge of the entryway decor at home but at a loss of what to do? Or do you actually have a brilliant idea for your small entryway and how to organise the narrow space but just haven’t found the right solution? Book a free design meeting or read more about how you can design your own solutions