Small hallway decor

Is your flat on the small size? Or do you just have a small hallway that’s hard to decorate? Here is some small hallway inspiration and tips on how to organise your small hallway at home.

Small hallway inspiration: The first thing you and your guests see

The hallway is the first room in your home that you and your guests enter. So it should have a pleasant, inviting atmosphere, and feel cosy and welcoming the moment you or your guests step in the door. This is all well and good, but many people have tiny hallways, and perhaps you do too? If so, there are multiple ways to do your small hallway decor so that you make best use of the space and it feels nice to come home to.

Small hallway ideas: How to create extra space through your small hallway decor

The key thing here is to create as much living space as possible. A tiny hallway crammed with clothes and shoes, units and drawers can quickly feel claustrophobic. Raise any units you have in your small hallway so they don’t take up too much floor space. You might want to consider ceiling or wall-mounted solutions for your small hallway decor.

Decorating a small hallway with ceiling-mounted solutions

RackBuddy’s vision is to make solutions that add space. And this also applies to our range of ceiling-mounted solutions. For instance, we offer hanging rails that hang down from the wall, freeing up that much-needed floor space. Decorate your small hallway with one or more clothes rails for the ceiling. The racks are extremely stable and can hold all your summer and winter coats at the same time! Find ceiling-mounted solutions in the RackBuddy Original look, such as RackBuddy Joey and in the Frame look, such as Frame Joey. RackBuddy Original is made of the classic water pipes with their edgy, industrial look, while Frame is made using square metal for a more Scandinavian and minimalist style. 

Inspiration for your small hallway – use wall-mounted solutions

Or hang your items on the wall. Many of our wall-mounted solutions also include shelves, which are great for plants or pictures. You can also use the shelf space for your accessories. Take a look at Frame Marlow, for example, which is a hanger rail combined with a wooden shelf, or the RackBuddy Jolene, which is a water pipe hanger rail that adds an industrial edge to the small hallway. Or mix and match between several of the wall-mounted racks to add your own personal touch to your small hallway decor.

The options are endless 

Even though small hallway decor might seem challenging, we hope you found some ideas on this page. Remember, anything is possible with RackBuddy and if you have a special solution in mind with some specific dimensions that would fit perfectly in your small hallway, we’d love to help! You can easily create your own bespoke solution that makes the most of every inch of your small hallway space, and you get to create the design yourself. Book a free design meeting today and let us help you make your small hallway decor ideas a reality.