RackBuddy Heroes- Meet `Joey´

With 6 collections and most of them launching within the last year, our customers have developed some favorites amongst our collections. In this series we will take you through our RackBuddy heroes. Meet our most loved Rackbuddies, get inspiration and see how our customers style and use them.
Meet your first favorite RackBuddy: Joey.
Joey is one of our most versatile racks to date and it can be used in many areas of your home for many different purposes.


Joey comes in 3 different types, one for every need:

RackBuddy Joey suspended clothes rail in water pipes for wall installation

RackBuddy Joey- Suspended clothes rail for wall installation 


RackBuddy Joey suspended clothes rack in water pipes for ceiling installation

RackBuddy Joey- suspended clothes rail for ceiling installation


RackBuddy Joey- rail in water pipes for lamps

RackBuddy Joey- rail for lamps


Mini-closet for small spaces

You can use your Joey if you want to highlight some of your favorite items in your wardrobe but you´re limited on space. It´s a great way to incorporate a rack into your home and still keep your floor space neat and clean. You can choose which height you want to hang it in and order it in a size that fits your need. This clothes rack is also perfect in a small entryway and you get to keep the space for shoes underneath. 


RackBuddy Joey for small closet space and large amounts of clothes

RackBuddy Joey mounted into shelf for clothes rack


RackBuddy Joey clothes rack suspended into wooden shelf

Buy your Joey for wall installation here 


The hanging wardrobe

This option is perfect is you have a low dresser and wish to have a clothes rack. It also works well if you have always wanted a clothes rack but wants to keep it of the floors and maximize your space. The perfect way to create a wardrobe solution that caters to your specific needs. We also sell hangers and hooks for your clothes racks to add the finishing touch to your wardrobe solution, check them out here


Hang your clothes on the RackBuddy Joey


RackBuddy Joey hanging over computer


RackBuddy Joey hanging over low dresser

Buy your Joey for ceiling here or Joey for the wall here 


The entryway solution 

The joey rail is the perfect solution for your entryway as it´s easily adjustable to the size of your room and needs. You can hang the rail in a height that fits even your longest coats and choose the width to fit your entryway. It´s perfect if you live in a city apartment with a small entryway. 


RackBuddy Joey in light hallway


RackBuddy Joey in scandinavian hallway- perfect to hang over dresser


RackBuddy Joey for your entryway

Buy your Joey for ceiling here or Joey for the wall here


The large hanging closet

If you own a lot of clothes the RackBuddy Joey might be the perfect solution for you. You can choose to hang as many Joeys as you wish in different levels or make a closet wall with several Joeys hanging next to each other. It won´t make your space feel cluttered as there is still floor space. You can also hang it in between a closet for a half-open wardrobe solution. The only limit is your imagination. 


RackBuddy Joey for all your clothes- create the wardrobe of your dreams


RackBuddy Joey mounted inside a closet for space maximization


RackBuddy Joey hanging in different levels  

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Decor and lamps

Our Joey Rail for lamps and Joey suspended clothes rail for ceiling is the perfect accessory for your kitchen or livingroom decor and lamps. It creates the perfect industrial vibe in any room you put it in. You could also hang plants for an urban jungle feel in your livingroom and kitchen. If you want to keep the industrial look we have the perfect sockets and light bulbs to hang on your Joey. Check them out here.


RackBuddy Joey rail for lamps in beautiful kitchen


RackBuddy Joey rail for lamps in livingroom


RackBuddy Joey rail for kitchen decor and stuff


Use your RackBuddy Joey for lamps

Buy your Joey rail for lamps here


We understand why the RackBuddy Joey is one of our bestsellers and one of your favorite RackBuddies as it´s multi functional and can serve different purposes in your home. We also have the wall-mounted Joey in silver here if you are looking for a lighter look in your interior. 

We are always happy to help you furnish your home and create the right solution for you. If you have any questions or wish for customized items please email info@rackbuddy.com and we are happy to help. 

 Stay tuned for the next episode of RackBuddy Heroes we´re we will give you inspiration on how to style the RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot.