5 fantastic ways to bring some life to your walls

New energy for your home 

Many apartments have completely white walls. This makes the room look brighter and bigger. White walls are classic, nordic and you cannot be wrong by having one. However, one of the biggest tendencies when it comes to interior these days is to create an interior that is as personal as possible - for example, by giving one's walls a little makeover. This brings a nice contrast in the room and makes it especially cozy. We have collected 5 suggestions how to upgrade your wall!

KABE Copenhagen

In case you have never heard of KABE, you have certainly missed out on something! It is the newest and easiest way to give your wall a raw concrete look. KABE is a coloured filler that can be applied directly to the wall. If you treat your wall with KABE, you will get an exciting, lively surface adding a bit of luxury to your room. KABE is available in many beautiful colours and you can choose yourself, how the structure will look like on your wall. If therefore you are in for a cool DIY project, we have produced a little video guide about KABE for you. Look at it here and learn about how to use the filler on your wall. 


Hunters forest - Kabe copenhagen - Beton WandPhoto by KABE



Bring nature in your home! This has been an interior trend for a while now. A unique and special way to get natural materials into your rooms is a wooden wall. In order for you to be able to do this yourself, WoodUpp has created smart wooden panels that you just glue to your wall - whether it is in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. This creates a rustic, cozy atmosphere in each room which you and your guests will love. Read more about it here
 Væg af træ - indendørs trævæg i egPicture by WoodUpp



In case you are into the industrial style, these glass walls are exactly the right thing for you! There are countless possibilities to integrate glass walls or windows into your interior. We can customise everything so that it is perfect for you. You can for example choose to divide two rooms with a glass wall or just get a glass door somewhere. This will ad a cool, stylish touch to your interior and at the same time is adding more light to every space. If you are looking for a bit of New York flair in your home a glass wall is the way to do it. 

glass wall with door - rackbuddy


Tiles have recently celebrated their comeback. They are available in many different colors, forms and patterns. It doesn't matter whether you put them in some corner of your kitchen, your table or in the shower - they will always add a little bit of magic to the room. There are two types of tiles that we are crazy about and want to share with you.
First there is the company named ARTTILES, which is perfectly mixing colours and patterns to create beautiful handmade tiles. Even though their inspiration comes from old portuguese tile facades, they fit perfectly in every nordic home. A true eye-catcher!

ARTTILES - inspiration for your walls
Picture by  ARTTILES
Another type of tiles are the metro-tiles, which can give a fantastic, lively but classic expression in your home. They might remind you of the metro stations in Paris and that is also where they have got their name.  

Wall with metro tiles - bathroom
Picture by pinterest


Raw brick stone walls have been popular for some years now and there are a lot of good reasons for that. The raw stone in contrast with a nordic, minimalist interior gives a unique look to your room. Brick stones are often associated with New York and reflect the light in a different way than a plain white wall would, which is adding some edge to every space.  

brick wall in the kitchen