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    Blossom Joey - Wall-mounted clothes rail in three expressive colors
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    Blossom Joey
    Wall-mounted clothes rail in three expressive colors
    Blossom John shelf - with colorful iron supports Blossom John shelf - with colorful iron supports
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    Blossom John shelf
    with colorful iron supports
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    The concept of


    RackBuddy is focusing on colors for the first time on our original pipes, and we teamed up with Hamburg-based studio Besau-Marguerre to develop the concept which became our Blossom Collection.

    The concept for the new RackBuddy color world grew naturally. "We spend a lot of time in the garden and find it exciting that natural tones are mostly associated with brown or green," says Eva Marguerre. "Yet many flowers bloom in loud, strong colors. That's how the idea for the Blossom Edition came about."

    In keeping with the flowery seasons of spring, summer and autumn, the designer duo chose bright yellow ("mimosa"), earthy pastel violet ("lilac") and muted reddish beige ("dalia") for five of our iconic RackBuddy  designs, which can be used in countless ways to add colorful highlights to walls but are also eyecatchers on their own. "The theme of color is our speciality. We think color is just as important as form, because color changes a product enormously," says Marcel Besau.

    A harmonious


    The Blossom collection consists of three carefully chosen colors.

    A bright, strong yellow that radiates a lot of energy - inspired by the mimosa. This color is a beautiful accent in the living room and goes great with the small RackBuddy accessories.

    A delicate violet like a summer lilac -  inspired by the carrot weed.. The shade is neither a strong purple nor a lavender, it is a very broken shade that occurs in nature in many different ways and harmonizes with many colors. And a beige-red that grounds the color composition a little more neutrally, a perfect link to the two basic colors of RackBuddy. The dahlia is our inspiration for this color.

    It was important to create a harmonious triad, but still give one color the role of the leading actor: "The yellow "mimosa" is loud, sets accents, is very present and a clear shade with which you can also set great accents in a simple interior with a lot of wood and beige tones. The beige-red "Dalia", on the other hand, is a muted tone, takes a back seat and blends in. And "lilac" is a mixture - it is more colourful than "dalia" but more subtle than "mimosa". "Lilac" sets colour highlights, but is not as striking as the yellow," says Eva Marguerre.



    Those who like it colourful can combine clothes rails, hooks, and wall shelves in all three shades. Those who prefer individual accents can also integrate elements of the "Blossom" edition into classic RackBuddy solutions in black or silver. How about the "RackBuddy Little John" shelf in bright "mimosa" yellow to display decorations, plants or perfume bottles in a trendy way? With the flat "RackBuddy Jolene" clothes rail in red-beige "dalia", which adds a splash of colour to the bathroom and keeps several towels ready on hooks? Or "RackBuddy Joey" clothes rail in calm "lilac", on which favourite outfits become a style statement in the bedroom?

    The three colors can work both alone or be combined and staged together perfectly.

    How to decorate your home with blooming colors?

    The Blossom Collection gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style with your interior while adding color and extra storage to your home. Here are 4 tips on how to decorate your home with blooming colors.

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