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    Free standing clothing rack for children made from dark water pipes in industrial design RackBuddy Benny - double rail clothes rack with hook for kids
    RackBuddy Benny
    double rail clothes rack with hook for kids
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    RackBuddy Kids is our series of clothes racks especially for our smallest Buddies, for children. We recommend the racks for children aged 3-7 years, but they are also suitable for even younger or older children. 

    A positive advantage of our clothes racks for kids is that they can accompany the children as they grow up. Individual parts are available separately for all our products so that the clothes racks can be, for example, extended in the future or you can add an extra hook. All according to the wishes and needs of the children. Our clothes racks grow with the children.

    Rooms for children are often furnished very cliché like in light blue or light pink and by this can quickly lose their individuality. With our clothing racks, however, the kids' rooms become individual and personal. The minimalist industrial design stands in contrast to the rest of the children's furniture and, thus, leaves a unique and modern impression. Through the children's clothes, the rack receives personality and becomes an individual piece of furniture.

    With RackBuddy for kids, the children can choose their clothes for the day and take them off the clothes rack on their own without the need for parental support.

    Thanks to the open clothing system, there is immediately a good overview of all the clothes, making everyday life easier: choosing the right clothes is done so much faster.
    Another advantage of the open system is that you are no longer tempted to buy more and more for the children, because you always have an eye on what the little ones already have and can, therefore, focus on the most important things. Quality over quantity.

    The clothes racks for children are for both boys and girls and fit in every wardrobe and interior. The racks are made of solid, extra strong material that can withstand any little riot. The load capacity is over 100 kg.
    The iron pipes are untreated and not coloured and therefore contain no unhealthy pollutants.

    Like all our solutions, the clothes racks for children are a space-saving solution for every child's room. With only a little floor space, the maximum number of clothes can be stored on the clothes racks. The entire interior is optimised within the room.

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    Clothes racks for children

    RackBuddy Kids is the industrial-style clothes rack for children. This children’s clothes rack is a great choice if a room needs contrast, or just a revamp––and when you need a space-saving wardrobe for the children. Explore our range of clothes racks for children and find one that suits your home and your children’s room.

    Space-saving wardrobe for children and clutter-free rooms

    We’re all about making solutions that give you space. When you choose a clothes rack from RackBuddy, you get a space-saving wardrobe for your children, with space for lots of clothes and accessories. You can hang everything from dresses, trousers, jumpers and school bags to princess crowns, dressing-up clothes and toys, while many of our children’s clothes racks also have plenty of storage space underneath for boxes, shoes and bags. For example RackBuddy Judy has two horizontal iron pipes at the bottom, which act as a raised shelf for extra storage under the clothes rack. If you need extra hanging space, then look no further than our largest clothes rack for children: RackBuddy Benny has two iron pipes, one above the other on one side of the clothes rack, providing that much-needed extra space.  

    The height and length of the pipes can be adjusted to give you a flexible solution that can fit into any children’s room. Our range of clothes racks for children includes freestanding solutions, which you can move around as you please. The beautiful water pipes add a rustic look to the children’s room, giving it both character and edge. You could also style your new children’s wardrobe with fairy lights or a hanging plant, making the children’s room extra cosy while adding more space.

    A shelf from Rackbuddy gives you space for all your things, whether shirts, dresses, jackets, bags, shoes and other favourites, or somewhere for your herbs, spices and cookbooks in the kitchen, or toiletries in the bathroom. 

    Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with some of our individual shelves and want a solution where they are part of your new shelving system? The shelves are easy to set up to create a shelving system that meets your exact needs

    A long-lasting design

    To take better care of the planet, we at RackBuddy believe that long-lasting solutions in quality materials are the way to go, as opposed to cheap solutions in substandard materials that need to be replaced after a year or two anyway. When you invest in a children’s clothes rack made from water pipes, you’re sure to get a solution that will last for years to come––both because our children’s clothes racks have a timeless design that can be customised in size, and because they are extremely sturdy and can take a beating.

    Are you looking for a different solution to the children’s wardrobes you see on this website? At RackBuddy, anything is possible, and if you have a special design for a clothes rack for your children in mind, we’d love to help make it a reality! Book a free design meeting and get a customised solution that fits your needs. 

    Rustic and sturdy clothes rack for children

    The youngest members of the family need extra care and attention, which is why it’s so important to have a sturdy children’s clothes rack that can withstand heavy use without it suddenly tipping over or collapsing. As with all our solutions, RackBuddy clothes racks for children are made from ultra-strong water pipes that can support up to 100kg of weight. So you can rest assured that a RackBuddy clothes rack for children won’t suddenly collapse while the children are hanging their clothes, or swinging on it from their arms. 

    All children’s clothes racks are made from original black iron pipes, which are not treated with colour, but are made using pure raw materials. This means zero risk of harmful chemicals in the children’s room. A RackBuddy children’s clothes rack is the ideal storage solution for the children’s room, while giving both children and adults extra space!