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    Practical clothes rack on wheels made from sturdy silver water pipes for industrial design RackBuddy Ringo - Clothes rack with wheels
    RackBuddy Ringo
    Clothes rack with wheels
    From €298
    Clothes rack in dark pipes with wheels and wooden shelf in light pine
    RackBuddy Archie
    Clothes rack with wooden shelf and wheels
    From €346
    Double clothes rack on wheels made with dark pipe Double clothes rack on wheels made with dark pipe
    RackBuddy Dob Ringo
    Double clothes rack on wheels
    From €342
    Clothes rack on wheels made with silver pipes and with shelves in classic oak Clothes rack on wheels made with dark pipes and with shelves in light pine
    RackBuddy Luke
    Clothes rack with shelves on wheels
    From €668
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    Do you want a custom solution for your clothes rack on wheels?

    At RackBuddy, everything is possible, so you can always get a custom solution if you have special requirements or need a clothes rack on wheels with specific dimensions. Maybe you have an amazing idea on how to create a flexible solution featuring multiple portable clothes racks? Or perhaps you’re interested in designing your own clothes rack? Book a free design meeting and we'll help you find the solution of your dreams!

    Portable clothes racks are the flexible solution

    Whether in private homes, showrooms, shops or warehouses, a flexible solution can be essential. With RackBuddy’s clothes racks on wheels, you have the possibility of moving clothes with ease. You get the classic RackBuddy solution in the familiar raw iron pipes, where you can also display your clothes in a stylish and open solution. You'll find our clothes racks on wheels both with and without wooden shelves, so you can customise your wardrobe just as you like

    If you want a solution with hanging space only, take a look at our bestseller RackBuddy Ringo or RackBuddy Dob Ringo. You get a clothes rack with wheels in a simple and flexible solution that fits in any home or shop. If, on the other hand, you need some shelf space, perhaps RackBuddy Archie might be the portable clothes rack for you. It has a shelf at the top where you can put bags, hats or other accessories that need a bit of display space. Maybe you want a portable clothes rack with multiple shelves? In that case, check out RackBuddy Luke which is available in different wood types and colours. The options are endless and the solutions are flexible, so all you need to do is find a clothes rack on wheels that matches your needs

    A sustainable choice 

    At RackBuddy, we have made a sustainable choice when it comes to the materials we use. That's why the iron for the pipes is made from 100% recycled iron, while the wood used for the shelves of our portable clothes racks is sustainably harvested from European certified forests. The high quality materials mean you get a clothes rack on wheels designed to last for years to come. We believe that to be the sustainable approach. 

    Portable clothes racks in different materials and colours

    When choosing a clothes rack on wheels, you can also choose the colour of the pipes: dark or silver. If you want your clothes rack on wheels to have shelves, you can choose between two types of wood for the shelves: oak or pine. The oak is treated with a UV coating, which makes the wood extremely resistant and gives it a beautiful lustre. You'll find a portable clothes rack with oak shelves in a plain oak colour as well as smoked oak. If you prefer pine, you can choose between a light or black stained version. When the wood is stained, it brings out the beautiful markings in the panels. At the same time, it protects the wood and makes it more resistant to wear and tear. Try out the different options on this page and check which solution best matches your needs and the décor of your home or shop.