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A collection covered in leather-ish


In the Leatherish collection of hanging clothes racks from RackBuddy, the industrial New York tones, minimalism and clear nature references will be united. In this collection the new designs are created by simple elements - light oak, pipes and PU leather, which together create a raw expressive wardrobe solution. 

A scandinavian

Leather look

Thanks to the combination of racks, oaks and a solid leather straps, the Leatherish collection has a raw and exclusive look at the same time. The mix of the materials and structure gives the new collection a characteristic look with reference to Nordic nature and design culture. The collection is available with straps in different colors - light brown, dark brown and black PU-leather. The material of the racks is light oak and iron racks in silver and black. It is possible to by the leather cases and screws in brass separately. Taking inspiration from the Nordic outdoors and a combination from industrial interior design styles and rustic decorations places an emphasis on natural and raw finishes. Within these many combinations of look, you will find a hanging rack for any home.

Minimalistic and functional

Base for your wardrobe

The collection is created by different designs. The design takes simplicity and functionalism to a whole new level. The ceiling mount of the racks gives an elegant and floating expression and leave a functional and more aesthetically pleasing room. The collection is really good for small apartments, where extra floor space is needed. The Leatherish collection gives an illusion of more space for the room. The Scandinavian design is emphasizing a clean and simplicity look. The design is all about a balanced and carefully mix between different elements and materials. 

Create your own solution with a

Stable rack

Even though you are making your own clothes rack, it would not affect the robustness and stability of the rack. The racks are designed in a way, so everyone can gather and build it – and our RackBuddy solution can carry a lot of weight. So, you can choose your Racks from your style and needs.