RackBuddy Johnny - Dark iron shelf bracketsRackBuddy Johnny - Dark iron shelf brackets
RackBuddy Johnny
Dark iron shelf brackets
From €45
RackBuddy Wesley table support legs made from black waterpipes, mounted on wall
RackBuddy Wesley
Black Iron sturdy shelf brackets
From €78
RackBuddy Wesley - Silver Iron sturdy shelf brackets
RackBuddy Wesley
Silver Iron sturdy shelf brackets
From €89
RackBuddy Johnny - Silver shelf bracketsRackBuddy Johnny - Silver shelf brackets
RackBuddy Johnny
Silver shelf brackets
From €47
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Industrial look

Shelf brackets of pipes

To add the RackBuddy look to our selection of shelves, we offer robust and durable shelf supports and brackets for attaching the shelves to the wall.

By mounting supports to the shelf, the room gets a more open and light look. The shelf holder is made out of dark iron water pipes or silver pipes and fittings which give it an industrial look. The wall-mounted shelves adds to the raw but still minimalistic look, that characterizes RackBuddy and our solutions.

Solid and robust

Shelves brackets

Shelf brackets are a good solution for attaching shelves to the wall. However, they are not only practical – they help create or emphasize the expression that your home has.
At RackBuddy, you’ll find both different colours and sizes, so you can easily find the exact solution that suits you and your needs.

Create a new look

For your old shelves

Buy our popular shelf supports if you want to give your old shelves a new life. It’s a great way to update what you already own. Our suspensions are made from our pipes and fittings and are available in 2 different depths. Both supports and wood are made to last and is a timeless solution to your home.

Organize with

Shelves and storage

At RackBuddy, we sell our very own collection of shelves. Our shelves are made of pine wood, which is treated with light or black oil. We also have oak shelves in our collection, adding a more exclusive and durable look to your décor. You can choose the natural oak shelves, that are coated with a light oil. The oil used, is to provide a more resistant surface and give a more durable, cool look.

All necessary screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to the pipes.