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    Where do you find table legs for a handmade tabletop? Many choose to make a handmade dining table, but where do you find a table frame that fits? At RackBuddy, we have designed the perfect industrial design table legs. A new set of table legs can give new life to a room.

    Our waterpipe table legs are stylish, elegant and suit all kinds of tabletops. We have developed our table legs with a focus on a stylish look and great functionality. 

    The Pipe Design table legs out of water pipes are characteristic of RackBuddy. With the Pipe Design table legs in iron pipes, you get a super flexible and extremely durable solution. The model is available in different sizes, but is also offered in special sizes and can, therefore, be used for everything from dining tables, office tables, and coffee tables to high tables and computer tables.

    The table legs in the Pipe Design in raw iron create a raw and industrial look, while still remaining elegant and stylish.

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    Table legs and table frames

    RackBuddy industrial table frames and iron table legs are the solution for all types of tabletops. Follow the trend and create your own personalised table by choosing a well-designed table frame for your DIY tabletop. A set of RackBuddy table legs lets you bring one of today’s most popular features into your home (or shop), giving the space a modern and stylish look!

    Beautiful iron table legs for every home

    At RackBuddy, we create solutions that fit into any home. That includes our stylish table frames with iron table legs. Perhaps you already have the perfect tabletop in mind to match the table legs? This really gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity and build your own unique solution so you end up with a table that specifically suits your needs

    You might have a unique idea for your dining table, coffee table or desk that requires a specific size table leg or table frame? Then tell us all about it! Book a free design meeting in one of our showrooms and together we will find a solution that matches your requirements.

    A shelf from Rackbuddy gives you space for all your things, whether shirts, dresses, jackets, bags, shoes and other favourites, or somewhere for your herbs, spices and cookbooks in the kitchen, or toiletries in the bathroom. 

    Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with some of our individual shelves and want a solution where they are part of your new shelving system? The shelves are easy to set up to create a shelving system that meets your exact needs

    Table legs and frames for the home-made tabletop

    Nowadays, many people choose to create a homemade dining table or give their old plank table a new look, but where can you find a table frame to match? At RackBuddy, we’ve designed an entire range of different models so that you can find a table frame that perfectly matches your home-made tabletop or old wooden plank table. A new set of table legs breathes new life into an old tabletop and, above all, new life into a room! At RackBuddy, the possibilities are endless and we strive to provide you with a simple solution that you will be happy with for years to come.

    A table frame that’s designed to last

    We have designed a range of table frames made from industrial pipes that suit all types of tabletops. Pipe design iron table legs are made from RackBuddy's trademark materials, which are long-lasting and very sturdy. With our rustic iron table legs, you get a table frame that can hold a great deal of weight, so you can rest assured that your solution will last for many years to come. Our table frames and legs come in a height and width of 70 cm and are available in 4 different lengths:

    • For 160 cm tables: Length 132 cm
    • For 180 cm tables: Length 152 cm
    • For 200 cm tables: Length 172 cm
    • For 240-250 cm tables: Length 212 cm

    Like all other RackBuddy solutions, we also offer our table frames and table legs in customised sizes suitable for everything from dining tables, office tables and coffee tables to high tables and computer desks. These stylish iron pipe table legs give you a highly flexible and extremely durable solution that also has a timeless design. 

    The iron table legs create a raw and industrial look. It's entirely up to you to decide which type of table frame or table legs suit your home and the tabletop you’ve chosen. Once you have chosen your table frame, it will be delivered unassembled, but it will naturally come with a detailed manual. It's incredibly easy to assemble manually so you can quickly put your new table frame and table to use. 

    Why not book a free design meeting so we can chat about how you get the best solution and a shelving system you’ll be happy with and enjoy?