Café Gæst Frederiksberg

RackBuddy develops a new café concept


During the last couple of month, we have been renovation and interior decoration for our neighbour, Café Gæst, at Frederiksberg Allé in Copenhagen. In addition to redecorating the entire café, we have also developed a new concept; ”Eat here, take the furniture home”.


When you enter Café Gæst, the first thing that catches your eye and hungry stomach is the café's large glass wall, which has a raw and industrial design. These keywords are continuous as you move around in the intimate cafe where the atmosphere is in focus. The interior is warm and to the dark side with raw KABE walls, industrial RackBuddy racks and large Bali copper lamps. In short, the focus is on natural materials like wood and metal.


In the café, we have designed two different environments in the two rooms in the café to show how you are able to change the atmosphere with interior. In general, we have focused on creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, where you immediately feel at home. We aimed at creating a rich café experience, where even the smallest details in textures, quality and materials are in focus.


“Eat here, take the furniture home”

In addition to creating an intimate café experience, the aim was to inspire customers with the décor so they take a piece of the café with them at home. In the cafe, it is possible to buy all the furniture and interior, which is for sale through our RackBuddy Store.


We designed the concept for the café based on Café Gæst’s universe, which reflects hospitality and warmth. The result is a unique experience with many atmospheric details, custom solutions and high quality materials. The café reflects a warm and inviting atmosphere with small interior surprises that offer a sense of hospitality beyond the usual.


Do you like our style? We are always up to new interior design projects, which we tailor to our customers needs. Contact us at or see more of our interior design projects here.

Café Gæst Frederiksberg - wooden shelf in an industrial design

Café gæst Frederiksberg bar

wooden shelf in an industrial design - RackBuddy

Café Gæst Frederiksberg - interior by RackBuddy

copper lamps from Bali - buy them at RackBuddy

Café Gæst friday bar

lamps in an industrial design

industrial design lightbulbs and rails

industrial design lightbulbs and lamp rails for ceiling attachment

RackBuddy clothes rack and upcycled wood partition