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Silver waterpipes at The New Moon Club in Germany

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The New Moon Club X RackBuddy

About the studio

We have helped The New Moon Club in Leipzig in Germany with a solution for their newly opened studio. They wanted a solution to fit their calm and creative universe, so the studio reflects their style and inspirational environment.

The New Moon Club brings together young women and their individual passion projects, including natural cosmetics, aroma therapy, spirituality, recipes, mindfulness, style and decor. The women write about their passion, which is the driving force behind the studio. The studio is supposed to be an inspiring environment that creates the framework for the women's passion projects and work. Their main goal is to inspire, motivate and make their followers feel inspired by the many themes and projects they write about.

With a light studio with raw, industrial details, it was essential to have details adding a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere at the studio, that reflects The New Moon Clubs identity and vision.

RackBuddy X The New Moon Club

RackBuddy X The New Moon Club

About the solution

We made a solution based on our latest collection, The Walk-In collection. The solution is made with our silver water pipes adding light pine shelves, which gives a good contrast to the studio's other interior and the atmosphere you experience when visiting the studio. The light wooden pine shelves are perfect for displaying favorite items in the studio, and the many plants have gotten a space on the shelves and around the shelves. All in all, it is creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the new studio that fits The New Moon Club perfectly.

RackBuddy X The New Moon Club


RackBuddy X The New Moon Club

Our Wild Bill Elliot rack found his way to the studio as well, and shown here with our small hooks, creatively used for floral decorations. 

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