Doggy Love: Where Canine Affection Meets Stylish Decor

In the heart of Allerød, centrally located, Doggy Love has created a unique oasis for dog owners and their best friends. Their dog salon is not just a place where grooming becomes an art; it's also an inspiring space adorned with care using RackBuddy's products.


Creative Utilization of Space:

Doggy Love has maximized the space in their store by cleverly integrating Pin clothing racks. Clothes hooks and wall-mounted Joey's become not just functional elements but also part of the store's aesthetics. Products and bags hang stylishly, and the walk-in 1-row shelving systems with 4 shelves constitute the perfect showcase area for the carefully selected products that customers can spoil their furry friends with.



A Salon Centered Around: Doggy Love understands that time with one's dog is precious. Their salon is created with a focus on the dog in serene surroundings, where there is time and attention to each fur and tail. Doggy Love is primarily a dog groomer, but their commitment doesn't stop there. Carefully selected accessories are offered, all presented in an environment where the well-being of the dog takes center stage.

Welcome to Doggy Love: While Doggy Love is primarily a dog groomer, they encourage visitors to step in and feel the atmosphere. The mood and energy are finely tuned with love and care, and you and your best friend are always welcome to explore and experience what Doggy Love has to offer.

Visit Doggy Love in Allerød and immerse yourself in a unique combination of love for dogs and stylish store design. After a visit to Doggy Love, you'll leave not only with a well-groomed dog but also with a smile and perhaps a little gift for your furry companion.

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M.D. Madsensvej 9 3450 Allerød

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