M-KAE Studio: Celebrating Timeless Style and Sustainable Fashion

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, at Dronnings Tværgade 54, 1302 København, you'll find the beautiful M-KAE Studio boutique. Here, the essence of timeless style and sustainable fashion seamlessly merges, presenting a collection curated with passion and purpose.

M-KAE has adorned their jewelry store with our Frame Georgia clothing racks, which seamlessly blend into their minimalist store design and products.

Explore Frame Georgia in M-KAE's minimalist surroundings:


Vision: A Celebration of Lasting Style

M-KAE Studio is a reflection of Maria's lifelong passion for fashion. Each piece is a celebration of enduring style, meticulously crafted to be cherished for years to come. The collection caters to the modern woman, offering an array of elegant and versatile jewelry perfect for any occasion. With a focus on timeless design, M-KAE Studio presents a selection of refined and classic pieces, all crafted to the highest quality standards and offered at affordable prices.




Sustainability: A Commitment to Ethical Practices

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, M-KAE Studio prioritizes the use of high-quality materials and embraces a sustainable approach throughout the production process. From sourcing fibers to final production, every step is undertaken with care and consideration for the environment. The brand believes in the ethos of "buy less, wear more," advocating for conscious consumption and a more mindful approach to fashion.