Hangin´ with Jeanette Ottesen

We had the pleasure to spend a day with the elite swimmer and OL finalist Jeanette Ottesen. Starting her swimming career at the age of twelve, she has always worked hard to achieve her goals. With a title as World Champion and four-time Olympic participant, she is now Denmark´s most successful athlete. 

Jeanette gave us a unique insight into her training day and a look into her home and how she has chosen to decorate her living space. 

The walk-in solution for a better overview

With her hectic lifestyle, it was even more important to create a place for her clothes where everything is organised and easy to find. 

Jeanette prefers her home and interior to be clean and well organised. It was important to design an open solution that would give her an overall overview of her wardrobe without having to spend a lot of time searching for what she needs. So together we decided on a custom walk-in solution where she had plenty of space for her entire wardrobe.

We combined two long rows of pipes on top of each other and shelves on the top and on the sides for a complete storage solution. With this solution, everything now has it is own spot and at the same time there is a plenty of space for bags, shoes, sports clothes and much more. 

The hanging’ with videos gives a unique look into our customers’ many creative ways to incorporate our products in their everyday lives. Every person has a story to tell and everyone adds their own unique touch to our products. See our other hanging with videos here.


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