Hangin with content creator Anuthida Ploypetch

A trip to Berlin

Berlin is more than just beautiful attractions, culture and exciting world histories. Berlin is a place where you can express who you are and be who you want to be – at least if you ask the creative and inspiring german influencer Anuthida Ploypetch.

In 2015, Anuthida finished second in the German modelling TV show "Germany's Next Topmodel" by Heidi Klum, since then she has created a unique character on the social media, where she helps inspire thousands of followers with her creative content. Photography, small details, lifestyle and everything that moves in everyday life – are some of the things that Anuthida finds interesting.

We are always chasing after our identity – Get the opportunity to embrace yourself and make your home unique. Your wardrobe reflects your visuality style and your identity behind.

In collaboration with Anuthida it has been possible to create an appropriated solution, where originality and balance is making a base about new inspiration and a feeling of home.

Anuthida Wardrobe solution

The main goal was to create a solution for Anuthida, so the wardrobe should express her personal style and soul. The project was all about to make a place, where it was possible to enjoy the small details at home.

Anuthida wardrobe solution

Tailor-made solution

RackBuddy where in Berlin to do a make-over of Anuthidas wardrobe. Anuthida lives in a 3-roomed apartment in Berlin – it was our job to make the transformation of one of the rooms to a walk-in. Keywords as customizes solution, uncomplicated, flexibility where in focus. A customized wardrobe solution where our different products getting together, to make the best unique solution for Anuthida. The chosen product is from our original collection. 

The racks is given more space an organizing in the room. Furthermore, Anuthida have chosen a rack with black-worked shelves in pine, to make as many potential applications as possible. Anuthida chose to use the shelves for her shoes. Let RackBuddy be a part of who you want to be. 

RackBuddy // RackBuddy Billy – Clothes rack with shelf and hook

RackBuddy // RackBuddy Capone – Free-standing clothes rack with two levels

RackBuddy // RackBuddy Ringo – Clothes rack with wheels


We keep meeting interesting personalities using our products, which we want to present to you in our RackBuddy Hangin' With series. 

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