Make-over with Rikke Gøransson

RackBuddy Make-over - Rikke Gøransson 

We visited the Danish Tv-host Rikke Gøransson and her boyfriend Tommy Lee Winkworth to do a make-over of their wardrobe in their apartment in Copenhagen.
The couple recently moved in together and quickly realized the biggest challenge was the space in the apartment. Together with Rikke & Tommy Lee, we found a solution for that challenge and we are very exicted to show you the result.

They were more than satisfied with the result. If you're curious to see the full make-over, watch the video, which we shot during the make-over.



Rikke and Tommy Lee live in a three bedroom apartment in Copenhagen. The wardrobe is situated in the bedroom. Before we got to organize everything, all of their clothes were stored in IKEA bags, storage boxes and hanging on an old and clothing rack. With the measurements of Rikke's two walls, we designed a smart solution, that is optimizing the space in the apartment.    

Rikke - Rackbuddy walk-in

A custom made walk-in solution, that stretches across two walls, has been designed and fitted to the bedroom. The solution has been mounted to the wall. The couple wanted to have their underwear, socks and t-shirts in a more hidden space, which is why we have added to white dressers placed below the rack.

Rikke Görransan - walk-in Rackbuddy

Rikke and Tommy Lee themselves have been a part of the design process for the chosen wardrobe solution. The solution is based on our Silver Collection with the wall-mounted clothes rack Bob Steele with a custom made side hook. With it’s 210 cm in the height, Bob Steele takes advantage of high ceilings. Besides that, the rack doesn’t take up much space on the floor.

Rikke G - shoeshelf - Rackbuddy

To optimize the use of space in the apartment, it was chosen to go with a custom made solution around the door.

Rikke Görranson - dark pine shelf - Rackbuddy

Rikke and Tommy Lee have chosen to add black-worked shelves in pine, as a contrast to the silver-coloured racks. The shelves shown are our hat/shoe shelveswhich easily adds a personal display of accessories and personal favorite items.

Inspired by the couple's solution?

RackBuddy // Bob Steele clothes rack

RackBuddy // John Wooden Shelf with silver support

RackBuddy // Wooden shelf

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