Hangin' With Høeg+Møller

Hangin' With Høeg+Møller 

Our biggest inspiration are our customers and partners. Oftentimes, we discover new, creative ways to use our clothes racks. Every person ads a different personality to our models. 

We have customers from all age groups and professions that all have different stories to tell. We therefore decided to introduce some of our customer's stories to you and create a series of short movies that give you an insight on different personalities that use our products in their daily lives. 

So let us introduce Høeg+Møller

Malene & Camilla from Høeg+Møller

One of our partners throughout the years has been the Danish visual content agency Høeg+Møller. Together with Camilla and Malene, we have organised photoshoots of our products and we have always appreciated their sense of design and styling. They both have a good eye for details and are always up to date on interior trends. 

Have you seen the pictures for our Original Collection, that were shot in the apartment just above our office in Frederiksberg? 

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot, RackBuddy Marlow & RackBuddy Bonnie

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot
RackBuddy Marlow
RackBuddy Bonnie

RackBuddy Bob Steele

RackBuddy Bob Steele  

But this was not the only photoshoot we have organised together with Camilla and Malene. They have styled and shot the atmosphere pictures of our Nordic and Frame Collection as well. 

RackBuddy Nordic Collection

 RackBuddy Loke

Malene & Camilla really like about RackBuddy, that there is a product for everyone and every use. Further, the industrial design can be styled in so many different ways. Wether your home is in a classic, Scandinavian, industrial or minimal look - you will something that fits!

RackBuddy Mary - clothes rack with white iron frame and marble-look bottom  RackBuddy Mary

If you are interested to see more videos from our #RackBuddyHanginWith series, you can find them here.