Christmas gift guide for every budget

Christmas is approaching fast and that means Christmas cookies and time spent with loved ones. Of course, it also means Christmas presents and it's not always easy finding the right present but don't worry we have gathered a few ideas for you. 

Whether you're gifting a present for the picky receiver or the man who never wishes for anything, we definitely have something you can use - for every budget.


Christmas present under 330 €

The RackBuddy Frame collection launched early this fall and is already a favorite amongst many. This clothes rack is for the selective person who loves luxurious interior. It fits in with both a minimalistic or playful interior. 

The perfect gift for him/her with expensive clothes who loves to display their beautiful collection. This clothes rail looks amazing in the hallway as well. 

The Frame collection comes in a black or white metal frame that gives it a simplistic and geometric exterior in the room. The bottom part comes in a black or white marble-look as well as an iron and concrete-look. You choose which screws go with your existing interior. It doesn't get better than that. 



RackBuddy Claude Frame collection- beautiful clothes rack with iron frame and marble-look bottom

Buy your RackBuddy Claude here or view the rest of the collection here


If you know someone who is looking for the perfect walk-in closet solution with a light interior this clothes rack may be the perfect option. The RackBuddy Thomas clothes rack is made from oak tree with silver water pipes which gives a lighter feeling in the room. There is space to hang your clothes in different levels and it fits perfectly in the corner of a walk-in closet, in the bedroom or as a room divider. 



RackBuddy Thomas - clothes rack made from oak wood

Buy your Rackbuddy Thomas here or view the rest of the Friendship collection here


Christmas present under 270 €

Our customers love the RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot clothes rack from the Original collection and we get it. The rack utilizes the space and is perfect for those with a lot of clothes and limited space. It's the perfect present for him/her who are lacking storage space for their clothing and want a solution that looks presentable. The rack fits tops, bottoms, dresses and jackets perfectly and therefore it's the perfect solution in a walk-in closet or small bedroom. The rack also comes in silver for a lighter look. 



RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot clothes rack made from waterpipes- for those with a lot of clothes and little space

Buy your Wild Bill Elliot here or view the rest of the Original collection here


The RackBuddy Kasper clothes rack from the Friendship collection is a beautiful and different solution to storing your clothes. The rack is build up with 3 rails so you get to pick where you want your clothes to hang. The clothing rack appears light and airy with oakwood and silver water pipes and that makes it the perfect present for someone who has a beach house or light interior. 



RackBuddy Kasper clothes rack in oakwood with silver waterpipes- light interior look

Buy your RackBuddy Kasper here or view the rest of the Friendship collection here


Christmas present under 200 €

Beautiful clothes racks don't have to be expensive and here is a pretty good example that will go with the interior of most homes. The rack is made from wood and black water pipes which gives a clean and airy look. It can be used in the hallway to hang coats or as a room divider with plants hanging from it in the living room, the only limit is your imagination. The perfect gift for someone who loves Scandinavian style. 


RackBuddy Odin from the Nordic collection made from wood and water pipes


 Buy your RackBuddy Odin here or view the rest of the Nordic collection here 


To them you know who owns a lot of shoes, the RackBuddy Jessie clothes rack could be the solution. The rack consists of black water pipes and a shelf at the bottom for storage that comes in a light or dark wood color. It's a classic clothes rack that most people like. Should someone wish for the shelf to be at the top RackBuddy's Billy is the answer. The perfect gift for the shoe lover who is running out of space.  



RackBuddy Jessie clothes rack with water pipe and bottom shelf for shoes

Buy your RackBuddy Jessie here or view the rest of the Original collection here


Christmas present under 140 €

The RackBuddy Bonnie clothes rack was one of the first ones designed by Lasse and Martin, the owners. Since then the rack has become a trademark for Rackbuddy and is still a favorite amongst many. It is the perfect gift for the teenager or those who need a clothing rack that can carry all their clothes. The Bonnie clothes rack comes in black and silver water pipes. The silver water pipes give a lighter finish in your interior. The perfect gift for those who are looking for a cool clothes rack in silver water pipes that looks amazing. 



RackBuddy Bonnie Silver- clothes rack made from silver water pipes with a hook

Buy your Rackbuddy Bonnie Silver here or view the rest of the Silver collection here


The perfect solution for those who wants a clothes rack without giving up their floor space. Perfect for smaller apartments or entryway. The shelf comes in light and dark pinewood with black waterpipes. If you want a lighter exterior RackBuddy's Marlow in silver is the one for you. The RackBuddy Marlow Silver comes in different types of wood with silver water pipes, giving it a lighter feel. 



Rackbuddy Marlow wall-mounted clothes rack in water pipes with top shelf

Buy your RackBuddy Marlow here or view the rest of the Original collection here


Christmas present under 70 €

Another great Christmas present for those with smaller apartments or entryways is the RackBuddy Hollie clothes rack. The rack is narrow and works perfectly to store coats or fewer items of clothing. Holly comes both in black and silver water pipes and gives a gorgeous industrial touch to every home. The frame of the clothes rack is so narrow that is fits in every room of the house and is a good alternative if you want a clothes rack but you are lacking the space. 



RackBuddy Holly clothes rack in water pipes perfect for the small home

Buy your RackBuddy Holly here or view the rest of the Original Collection here


Christmas present under 35 €

For the smaller gift budget, RackBuddy Jolene is the perfect gift. It can be used in the entryway, bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen. Beautiful and versatile rack made from water pipes. 



RackBuddy Jolene clothes rack for shoes, towels or accesories made from water pipes

Buy your RackBuddy Jolene here or view the rest of the Original Collection here


The gift for those who have everything

We all know them they're impossible to buy presents for. They have everything and they never wish for anything either. Give them small presents for their home, see Rackbuddy's selection down below. 



RackBuddy hangers, hooks, rails, baskets, sockets



Small packages don't have to be boring. RackBuddy have a lot of different accessories for your clothes rack, wardrobe or home. For the clothes rack or wardrobe RackBuddy offers hangers, hangers with wide shoulders, hangers in oakwood, s-hooks for storage and black baskets for underwear. 

For the home Rackbuddy offers shelves, hooks, hook rails and much more. Another great gift for those who have everything is a gift card to RackBuddy, then they can choose their own gift. Buy it here.


See our entire selection here or send an email to we're always happy to help with your Christmas gift or answer any questions you may have.