Special gift ideas for Mother's Day

The best ideas for Mother's Day gifts 2017

On Mother's Day, we say thank you to our moms - most of the times with a classic bouquet of flowers. But in case that you are looking for a special present for this year's Mother's Day, we have collected some ideas! But first and most importantly: When is Mother's Day 2017? You should mark your calendar on the 14th of May in your calendar so that you won't forget to treat your mum with a little gift!

An upgrade for the entryway 

Mothers love if everything is tidy! Everyone of us has probably at some point in their childhood thrown his jacket in a corner and disappeared in their rooms. As a little redemption, we have the perfect idea for a Mother's day gift: our different solutions for a tidy entryway. They don't only look nice, but are also very practical and useful. 

entryway solution by RackBuddy

Shelf: RackBuddy custom-made

Hook: RackBuddy Claw

RackBuddy Claw - jacket hook

Hook: RackBuddy Claw

Entryway at Anni's home - bildhuebschblog.com

Clothes rack: RackBuddy Jessie

Fotocredit: bildbuebschblog.com


A personal walk-in closet

Whoever wants to really surprise his mother, should really pay attention here: a walk-in closet is every woman's dream. Especially, when the kids have already moved out there might somewhere be a room that can be redesigned as an open wardrobe! 

walk-in closet by RackBuddy

Clothes rack: RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot

Clothes rail: RackBuddy Joey for the ceiling

Clothes hangers: Nomess Copenhagen

Fresh look for the kitchen 

No matter if its a new shelf to store spices, cooking books and more or a new lighting solution - we have it all. And your mums will love it! Especially in the kitchen, it is important that you have plenty of storage space. And it doesn't hurt if it looks good in the meantime. Here is some inspiration...

rail for lamps - RackBuddy Joey

Rail for lamps: RackBuddy Joey

kitchen shelf by RackBuddy

Shelf: RackBuddy John

RackBuddy kitchen solutions

Rail: RackBuddy Jolene

Fotocredit: Masha Sedgwick

Masha Sedgwick's kitchen with RackBuddy Jolene

Rail: RackBuddy Jolene

Fotocredit: Masha Sedgwick

Didn't you find the perfect Mother's Day gift yet? Then you can find more inspiration here.