One Funky Copper Lamp - pre-sale: get 10% off

Order your new copper lamp now and get 10% off!

Our unique oxidised copper lamps give every room the special something. They are a true eye-catcher for your living room, bedroom or restaurant. 

Each lamp is handmade in Bali from solid copper and given a natural oxidation process, which creates the beautiful turquoise-green color. Due to the oxidation process, no lamps are identical but they all have a unique finish.  

Our oxidised copper lamps come in four different sizes: Ø25cm, Ø35cm, Ø45cm and Ø55cm.

The lamps emit a warm light and create a cozy atmosphere wherever they are placed. They can be hung over your dining table or in a reading corner, but can also be used as a floor lamp. An iron lamp stand is keeping them in exactly the angle and place you want them to be. You could also set a statement by combining different sizes hung at different heights - the only limit is your imagination! 


Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of our beautiful copper lamps from Bali. But don't worry, they will be back in March. And there are good news for all of you who love the lamps as much as we do. We are now starting the pre-sale of the lamps and you can get 10% off the original price until the 1st of March!

Discount code: PREODER10