How to make your wardrobe look Scandinavian? - RackBuddy

Have you considered a clothes rack from our RackBuddy Friendship Collection?

Last fall, we launched our first collection mainly made from wood, The Friendship Collection. It features 10 different models with a clean and classy Scandinavian look. 

The idea behind it was to create something slightly different from the very industrial clothes racks made from pipes. But of course, you are not limited in the ways you style your oak clothes rack. We have collected some great ideas in this blogpost!  

Give your bedroom a cozy vibe and add wooden clothes racks and rails for a true hygge feeling!   

Sophie van Daniels from knows how to dress like a Scandinavian - less is more, clean lines, only a few colors. But she has also managed to give her bedroom a simple and cozy Scandinavian style. She chose our designs called Jesper and Sebastian to style her wardrobe in the best possible way. The wooden floors, white walls and oak clothes racks match perfectly in our opinion. But see for yourself:


Add some subtle colors and plants for a fresh feeling!

Who would not love to wake up to the sight of's wardrobe? She chose RackBuddy Signe, one of our favorite clothes racks from the Friendship Collection. Signe is attached to the wall and does not have to be screwed into the floor. 


Use small corners and spaces to your advantage and store your clothes on a smart RackBuddy solution!

Our clothing racks made from oak wood also come in a version that hangs from the ceiling and are perfect if you want to save some space on the floor or wish to have a clean, straight interior. @_pikdame chose RackBuddy Kim for her corner and adds plants and only little clothing as suggested above for the true Scandinavian feeling!