Smart living: ideas for your first apartment

Interior ideas for students 

High school is coming to an end and summer is approaching. Soon, all new students have to take the important decision where to move and where to live. That already is a big challenge. But the even bigger challenge then is to make the new place liveable and work with the space one has. But how can you make your new room or apartment as personal as possible?

More space with shelves and suspended clothes rails  

In small student rooms, it is even more important to choose furniture that is functional as well as not using too much space. Shelves and suspended clothes rails let you use the floor space for something else. Below them, there will be a spot for your drawer, laundry bag or shoes. 

RackBuddy Joey

RackBuddy Joey - @mossroom

RackBuddy John shelves

RackBuddy John - @nanda_schwarz

RackBuddy Joey

RackBuddy Joey - @noramaes


A breath of air - clothes racks instead of a massive closet

A big IKEA closet might sometimes be very practical - especially for those of you who'd like to hide their mess behind doors - but it also takes a lot of space. On one of our high clothes racks with two rails you can fit just as many clothes as in a closet but you'll never lose the overview!

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot & RackBuddy Capone

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot & Capone - @elisaschenke

RackBuddy Capone

RackBuddy Capone - @leticianeidl

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - clothes rack made out of water pipes

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - @thewaveshavecome

Personalise your interior - show who you are

If you really want to be creative, one of our clothes racks with wooden shelves might be just perfect for you. Next to your clothes, there is plenty of space for decoration like photos, plants, candles, books and more. 

RackBuddy Billy - clothes rack with wooden shelf

 RackBuddy Billy - @julichevalier

RackBuddy Jessie - the perfect clothes rack for your hallway

RackBuddy Jessie - @bildhuebschblog 

RackBuddy Billy at Charlie Carlsson's home

RackBuddy Billy - @charliecarlsson

Create your unique room - with a customised clothes rack 

In case you wish to have a clothes rack that fits perfectly into a certain corner of your home, we can help! Next to our many standard sizes and models, we are also offering to create a customised solution that is unique to your needs. You can let your imagination run wild, there are a lot of things that can be done with water pipes!

customized clothes rack by RackBuddy

RackBuddy custom clothes rack