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    Looking for a custom solution?

    Do you want to integrate your TV furniture solution into your bedroom wardrobe solution? Perhaps you have a great idea on how to combine your current RackBuddy solution with a nice TV dresser or TV unit? At RackBuddy, anything is possible and we love great ideas! Book a free design meeting today – and let’s have a conversation about your interior design wishes.

    Free standing TV furniture solutions suitable for both the living room and bedroom

    At RackBuddy, we create solutions that make space and the same goes for our TV furniture solutions. Although the main purpose of TV furniture is to display the TV, it's also nice to have a TV dresser or a TV unit with plenty of space to store books, speakers, or many other things. Our beautiful TV dressers come in wood, while the raw TV units are made from iron in the classic RackBuddy style. Both are free standing TV furniture solutions that can be placed exactly where you want them. Decide on the type of TV furniture you need and which you think would look best in your living room or bedroom. If you already have another RackBuddy solution, such as a wardrobe solution or some beautiful shelves, you can easily find a TV furniture solution here on the site that matches it. 

    Our wooden chests of drawers have drawers, which makes them extremely practical as they give you a lot of storage space. At RackBuddy, our vision is to create solutions that create space – not take up space. When you choose a beautiful wooden chest of drawers for your home, you get a solution that gives you all the space you need to organise your home according to your needs.

    If you prefer a chest of drawers in the classic RackBuddy design, then you can choose one of our iron cabinet chests of drawers. They are extremely attractive and their raw look adds a bit of edge to the home. These chests of drawers are without drawers, but still have plenty of storage space in the form of shelves. All RackBuddy’s chests of drawers have legs, so they can easily stand on their own if they do not need to be implemented in a larger solution.

    TV unit or TV dresser? Choose from multiple TV furniture solutions

    Find your next piece of free standing TV furniture on this page and choose between a wooden TV dresser or an iron TV unit. Our TV dressers are available in oak or pine and come with drawers. The oak TV dresser comes in two shades, a natural oak colour and smoked oak. TV furniture in smoked oak has a slightly darker look, but you can still get a sense of the wood underneath the colour. Both oak TV furniture solutions are treated with UV coating, which is an extremely hard-wearing varnish with the most beautiful lustre. 

    In addition, we also offer pine wood TV furniture in two shades: one in light and one in dark. Both are stained with oil, which gives the wood unique protection and durability, while the oil brings out the beautiful markings and grain of the wood. 

    If you prefer a rawer and more industrial look, we offer TV units in expanded metal sheet, i.e., iron, which is similar to most of our other solutions. The TV unit has a more open design and is without drawers but comes with shelves. The iron is treated with an ultra-matte varnish that provides excellent protection. 

    A sustainable choice with a TV furniture solution from RackBuddy

    When you choose a solution from RackBuddy, such as a TV furniture solution, you are making a sustainable and long-lasting choice. At RackBuddy, we use quality materials with long durability that you and the rest of the family can enjoy for many years to come. Our wooden TV dressers are made from wood that has been sustainably harvested from European certified forests, while our iron TV units are made from 100% recycled iron, which is an extremely robust and solid material that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. What's more, all our solutions come in classic timeless designs that will brighten up any home. Whether you choose a free standing piece of TV furniture or one that will be part of your current RackBuddy solution, you get a product that adds a Nordic or industrial element to your home and gives you plenty of storage space.