Welcome inside at the botanist! Here you will find a true plant lover who possesses very special abilities to make plants and greens grow. In this home, the plants have been moved inside and help shaping the style of the decor.

Plants in the home help to show surplus energy and decorate the home. With many options in regards to colours, textures and height and length, there is something for everyone

You don’t need to have green fingers to fill your home with lush leaves - Let yourself be inspired.

Add plants to warm up an industrial decor

At the workstation in the home office, the many plants softens up the dark iron pipes. The dark iron pipes give the bright surroundings a more raw and industrial look, and create a contrast to the light wood. The pipes are part of our Original Collection, and together with our Shelfie shelving system, space is created for storage.

Together, both plants, wood and iron pipes provide a natural element to the work space, and you can easily dream yourself outdoors with the mixt of the elements.

Bring nature inside your home

Whether you are in for the real thing or prone to flowers and plants made of plastic, the many shades of green look beautiful in the modern decor. Today, there are many shapes and types that are confusingly similar to the real thing. The many options allow most to let a touch of nature move into the home and the personal decor.

The Bohemian

The adventurous, free spirited bohemian welcomes you into their creative space.

A home characterized by unconventional interior, influenced by their artistic and creative interests.

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The Shoe Collector

Are you the biggest sneakerhead, who’s completely familiar with the many coming releases? Or are you soon running out of space for the many stilettos in your wardrobe?

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The Architect

Are you dreaming of having your own creative space? Get inspired by the bright and aesthetic recess of the architect, which is dominated by calming color tones and natural materials. Creativity is enhanced by creative surroundings.

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The Sommelier

If you’re a wine connoisseur or just like to enjoy a good bottle of wine, you’re probably wondering how to store all your precious bottles at home and still make it look good and modern – matching your décor at home.

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