If you’re a wine connoisseur or just like to enjoy a good bottle of wine, you’re probably wondering how to store all your precious bottles at home and still make it look good and modern – matching your décor at home. We have good news for you! Welcome inside the Sommelier’s wine storage, where we share ideas for how to design and organize a wine room at your own home. Whether you have a huge basement or a small corner in your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to add wine storage to your home. Thanks to a modern and flexible solution based on our Walk-In Collection, you can create a practical yet stylish spot for your favorite bottles.

Innovative solution for wine lovers

One of the key elements of the Sommelier’s wine storage is industrial pipes that add a modern and minimalistic character. Decorations such as barrels converted into wine tasting tables fit perfectly here. It’s an ideal choice for those sommeliers who appreciate modernity but want to refer to the heritage of excellent wines. There is also bottle holders on the wall that keep the cork soaked all of the time. This solution is a tailor-made solution that suits the dimensions of the basement. Thanks to customization, the square meters of the room are fully used but still leave room for creativity and personalization.

Create the perfect wine cellar

Sommelier’s interior is equipped with our wooden shelves in dark pine, that create an amazing bottle display and the access to them is both practical and super stylish. Black industrial pipes made of waterpipes mounted to the wall adds a unique touch to the design and leaves plenty of space on the floor for boxes and other accessories. The wine storage is using the full space but still feels spacious.

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