They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home. We believe it’s true no matter if it's a large or a small kitchen. Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances and cabinets. It’s important to make it user-friendly for you, your family, and your guests. The interior of a modern chef has everything you need to make your kitchen look like the hub of culinary creativity and pleasant space where you can have fun and feel inspired. Wooden shelves and racks mounted to the wall make it possible to take full advantage of every angle of the kitchen space.

Bring coziness to your kitchen

The industrial rack made of a silver water pipe fits perfectly with the wooden shelf in dark pine. It’s easy and elegant and it doesn’t take up floor space, so it makes the most of your space, no matter how tiny your kitchen is. Store pots and pans on the shelf and hang your favorite herbs on the hooks to add coziness and have them always at hand, combining what’s practical and what looks great.

Show off your wine collection

One of the most important rules for storing wine is to keep it lying down. Then the cork will be soaked all the time to prevent it from drying out. If you’re a wine enthusiast this solution is perfect for you. Show off your wine collection using our hooks and pins, so that it becomes an integral element of the interior design. The wine collection put on the wall creates a cosy and hospitable atmosphere and at the same time, it makes it easy to access and welcoming to your guests.

Store your accessories with style

When there’s not enough space in cabinets and drawers and other kitchen accessories still need to be stored somewhere, wooden wall-mounted shelves can be a good idea for this purpose. It gives you practical and easy access to plates or cups but also creates a modern kitchen with clean and minimalistic décor. Silver brackets made of industrial pipes add style and elegance to the modern kitchen.

The Architect

Are you dreaming of having your own creative space? Get inspired by the bright and aesthetic recess of the architect, which is dominated by calming color tones and natural materials. Creativity is enhanced by creative surroundings.

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The Banker

Welcome inside the banker’s spacious wardrobe where everything has its place! Wardrobes are essential to any bedroom’s storage and here, a custom design offers a wide selection of shelves, accessory storage, racks, and more.

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The Botanist

Welcome inside at the botanist! Here you will find a true plant lover who possesses very special abilities to make plants and greens grow.

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The Bohemian

The adventurous, free spirited bohemian welcomes you into their creative space.
A home characterized by unconventional interior, influenced by their artistic and creative interests.

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